Season 10 Episode 21

Song for Dying

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 1965 on CBS

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  • A guitar player/singer arrives in Dodge. He refuses to answer any personal questions, and the first night in town, he barely escapes a bullet. He's running from his past mistakes, but will he be able outrun one of the worst before it's too late?

    A stranger/musician, who tells his tale of woe through his music, takes up residence in the Long Branch under the watchful eye of Miss Kitty. Unbeknownst to Matt Dillon, he is not a stranger to Doc Adams. Secretkeeping from Matt seems a little uncharacteristic of Doc, especially when a man's life may be on the line. Interaction among the characters is well done and helps deepen their relationships.
    The music and singing is quite good. The filming of some of the scenes is a little unusual for Gunsmoke, but attention grabbing. It adds a feeling of fate to the destiny of the stranger.