Season 18 Episode 23


Aired Unknown Feb 26, 1973 on CBS

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  • Talbot, who originally planned to rob the bank, ends up falling in love with Katherine, who also loves him. Before this develops, Talbot kills Katherine's husband. Their romance ends the robbin plans, he decides to quit, to follow his "True happiness"

    I just watched this episode today on TV LAND, and was completely and utterly taken in by the plot and the tragic turns of events that befall poor Katherine. Although this episode does NOT feature prominently the regular primary cast members of Gunsmoke, the two characters who are the focus are interesting in their own ways, both tragic and likable or even perhaps lovable. I was moved almost to tears literally by several of the scenes, and my emotions swung like a pendulum from joy to sorrow to fear to sympathy to finally a kind of resolved satisfaction or contentment as the climax ended...At times, I will admit that the writing/plot development/characterization occasionally verges on the "melodramatic" or "cliched love story", but that is absolutely NO reason to give this story a mere "6.2 or 6.3 or whatever the rating was. It deserves at least an "8" in my book! I was almost weeping by the end. It was especially difficult to watch the recently-widowed Katherine temporarily become "Kate" the escort/Prostitute-- in a struggle to merely survive, to come SO NEAR to a complete humiliation and debase-ment of her dignity and her virtuous nature -- definitely a heartbreaking event/scene. Her luck did manage to change, however, and (yes, this IS overdone and reliable as a plot tactic to keep viewers WORKS, and as a viewer I DID want to see where it was going) To reiterate, this episode should NOT have been rated a "6", but rather at LEAST an 8 or 8.5!! Thank you for reading this review.

    --signed, Crimson_King22