Season 11 Episode 4

Ten Little Indians

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1965 on CBS

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  • An Agatha Christie story with a western flavor.

    In "Ten Little Indians", based somewhat on the Agatha Christie novel of the same name, Matt returns to Dodge from an errand and finds he has a price on his head. He gets a taste of this before his return when he runs into a young, rather goofy Mexican man who has kidded himself into thinking he can outdraw Matt, and who instead lands in an early grave. The bounty is offered by a mystery man, who has hired five gunfighters, ostensibly to kill Matt, but each of whom knows that he won't get the bounty if another one of the other men kills Matt first, so they first must contend with each other before having the honor of performing the murderous deed. The last man standing gets the honor, but will find that Matt's gun is faster. Could it be that's exactly what the man of mystery has in mind? This puppetmaster, who has a vendetta against each of these men for a wrong done to him, carries out his plan for revenge most meticulously, worthy of "The Count of Monte Cristo", and Matt is not his real target. There's a scene where Bruce Dern shoots another gunfighter in the back to save Matt, for himself that is. Maybe improbable, but that's more or less how it was planned. It's also hard to understand how a once decent lawman and good friend of Matt's can be so easily coaxed into turning on him. There are too many corrupt lawmen in TV westerns. Still, a good, exciting storyline.