Season 15 Episode 19

The Badge

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1970 on CBS

Episode Recap

Louie tells Matt the freight office is being robbed. Matt gets shot stopping the men who who did it but still manages to get them. Kitty and the town find Matt face down in the street. After Matt is brought up to Doc's, Kitty finds Matt's badge lying in the street with a dent and blood on it. While Doc is operating on the Marshall we see Kitty clutching the badge, after Doc removes the bullet Kitty leaves without a word and drops the badge on Doc's desk.

As Matt recovers Kitty does not come to see him and eventually we hear and see the Long Branch being boarded up. Kitty is leaving and selling the saloon. When Matt is finally well and finds out where Kitty is, he finds a reason to go there.

"Papa" the corrupt business man forces the citizens of the town to pay outrageous fees and Kitty aims to unite the business people to fight Papa. When Matt arrives, Papa knowing their relationship arrests Matt on trumped up charges to get Kitty to give in and it works. Matt tells Papa, he's there investigating charges of corruption against him and Papa plans to ambush Matt. Kitty spots the ambush and warns Matt in time.

Matt then returns to Dodge to wait. Kitty finally comes home.
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