Season 13 Episode 3

The Prodigal

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1967 on CBS

Episode Recap

WOW what a twist this one had. We first find that Amos and William Cole have come to Dodge to find out who back shot their outlaw father. They ask Matt who tells them that the govenor has ordered that the killer's identity not ever be revealed. Then a nosey newspaper man comes and riles the Cole brothers into making someone in town tell them who killed their pa. The desk clerk at the Dodge House is frightened into telling what he saw 12 years ago (Marshall Dillon) in the door of the Long Branch. The Cole brothers then tell the whole town that Matt is a back shooter. When Matt returns from getting an injunction from Judge Brooker, just about everyone in town stares at him. They all believe he did it. When Amos leaves his grandfather's farm to face down Matt, he grandfather goes first (he had a stroke the day his son was killed and can't remember much from that day) to talk to Matt to ask him to tell the boys he's sorry he did it. Amos calls Matt out, while he waits for Matt to draw, his grandfather sees him from behind and thinks it's his son. This sparks a memory from long ago ...... he shot his son to stop all the killing !