Season 2 Episode 4

The Round Up

Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1956 on CBS

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  • Don't Make Marshall Dillion Angry. You Wouldn't like him when he's Angry

    This is one of my favorite episodes so far in the series. {i'v only watch the first season} But i love this episode for a number of reasons. I love the fact that we get to See Marshall Dillion make a mistake in this episode and it''s not just a simple mistake. It's a mistake that anybody could make when they know they have a Bunch of drunken Cowboys in town and they all are carry guns. But there is one Card shark in this episode who tells Dillion that he will shoot The Marshall in the back. Just because the Marshall didn't go along with the Card sharks plain of helping him cheat at cards. But we Also get to see The Marshall go from being Mr Nice guy at the beginning of this episode. To being Super Super Mad at himself for accidently shooting his long time friend Zel. When Zel walks in behind Matt. My Favorite scene in this whole episode is when. The Marshall decides to Close the town off to these Drunken cowboys and you can tell he's not playing around. He ends up carry a big shotgun around with him and knocks some guys around who don't want to leave. Then he dares another guy to try to shoot him while smashing a whole line of beer bottles with the barrel of his shotgun. We even get to see Kitty get tick off at Matt for closing down her saloon Early.

    All in All i think this was a Great Episode. Because we get to see many different shades of Matt Dillion in this episode. We get a sense of how he thinks and what he fears the most.