Season 19 Episode 1

Women for Sale (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 10, 1973 on CBS

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  • Matt is Really on the Prowl Here!

    In this two-part episode, a group of Indian renegades are abducting random women and selling them off as slaves. Matt Dillon goes on the trail for one that was abducted in Dodge City. During his trek, he comes across a young girl that was sent packing after the horrific death of her mother. Along with another slave on the run, Matt goes against all odds to protect the woman and stop th slave trade once and for all.

    This is Gunsmoke at its finest. The story is dark and gritty for 1970's television, as I was surprised they got away with an implied rape scene at one point, the tension is heated up, and James Arness shows his coolness that he owned in the role for 20 years. Even the side characters of the slave women get their good character development during some of the strongest moments of the episode. I only gave it a 9 because the cliffhanger is a bit forced and I wished some of the supporting cast made a small appearance (would have been a grand send-off), but other than that, it's a well-dome episode of one of TV's finest programs.