Season 19 Episode 2

Women for Sale (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 17, 1973 on CBS

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  • Dissapointing Conclusion to an Excellent Premise!

    Part 2 continues Matt's journey to look for the abducted girl from Dodge that's about to be sold into Mexican slavery. Joining Matt is the orphaned child and a prostitute who has no knowledge of raising children. As Matt is heading closer and closer to the sick women abductors, the woman from Dodge begins to fall in love with one of the renegades.

    Part 1 was an excellent Gunsmoke episode; Part 2 on the other hand is a bit of a let down. While I was wanting to see how the story ends, the way it ended was quite anticlimactic. Matt didn't really do anything to make him want to save the slave women and what we ended up getting was very forced. Plus the whole romantic arc with the Dodge woman and the rebel renegade is quite freaky and disturbing. At least the subplot about the young girl and the prostitute made the episode more worthwhile. As a whole, it gets its job done, but it's not one of the shows greatest conclusions. Maybe it might have done better had it been a single episode and not a two-parter.