Gurren Lagann

Syfy (ended 2008)


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  • A very good mech animation which in its 27 episodes shows not only courage, but also romance, tragegy and much more.

    Where to start? In this animation the human race lives underground, but a boy named Simon with Kamina try to go to the surface. After an unsuccessful try, a strange happening and the appearence of a new hero (Yoko) they finally get out of the pit they live in. From there on the series get very different: mortal enemies (including my favorite Viral), a lot new friends and a lot of feelings... Personally in episode 8 I almost cried. The most interesting thing about the series is that in 27 episodes a lot is shown ... in other words how did the creators do it? They are a genius! How can there be so many different characters, happenings, etc. in just 27 series not to mention that the plot is over 50 years (approx.). There are just 2 words that can describe TTGL: - EPIC - UNIQUE