Guys With Kids

NBC (ended 2013)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Divorce Party
      Episode 17
      Gary hires Marney's deadbeat sister to help with the wrapkin.
    • Rare Breed
      Episode 16
      With Gary's new career booming, he struggles to juggle both his career and responsibilities as a stay-at-home dad while trying to prove to Marny he can do it all. Meanwhile, Nick and Emily are eager to locate a missing toy that's sound is keeping them up at night. Elsewhere, Chris and Sheila are seriously concerned with Ernie's development after he is held back at his play group.moreless
    • Gary's Idea
      Episode 15
      Gary invents a new product and invests all of his and Marney's money. Chris decides he wants to be a DJ and dates the babysitter.
    • The Will
      Episode 14

      After a near death experience, Gary and Marny worry about who will take care of their kids if they die. When Emily hastily agrees to be a guardian for the four kids, Nick tries to get out of it by making Emily look like a bad parent. Meanwhile, Chris becomes jealous of Ernie's new male nanny Andy.

    • Me Time
      Episode 13
      When Marny begins to feel overwhelmed with the pressures of her job and family, she is forced to lie to Gary in an attempt to find a few moments of solitude. Meanwhile, Chris signs the group up for trivia night. Unfortunately Nick and Sheila's highly competitive nature puts them at odds with the rest of the team.moreless
    • Marny's Dad
      Episode 12
      When Gary learns of his father-in-law's (guest star Ernie Hudson) disdain for him, he is willing to do whatever it takes to earn his respect. Elsewhere, with Chris' love life in a rut, he goes on a date with Shelia, prompting a horrified Nick and Emily to try their hand at matchmaking. Unfortunately their good will quickly turns into a competition at Chris' expense.moreless
    • First Word
      Episode 11
      Chris and Nick argue about who is to blame for Sheila's introduction into their lives. Gary discusses his life before becoming a stay-at-home dad and the origin of his chipped tooth. Meanwhile, Chris and Sheila patiently await the arrival of Ernie's first word.
    • Christmas
      Episode 10
      Gary and Marny try to spice up their relationship with help from Nick and Emily. Meanwhile, Chris and Sheila can't agree on who should keep their engagement ring.
    • Thanksgiving
      Episode 9
      After a failed attempt to figure out who should spend Thanksgiving with their son, Chris and Sheila decide to spend the holiday together with his friends. Sheila plans a very traditional dinner in hopes of befriending the group. Elsewhere, Gary chooses to spend the holiday waiting in line to buy a brand new television during the Black Friday sales.moreless
    • First Birthday
      Episode 8
      Chris decides to throw Ernie's first birthday, but instead of sticking to a more traditional theme decides to take the party in a different direction. Elsewhere, Garyand Marny decide to get back in shape and begin a strict kale-only diet, which quickly proves challenging. Meanwhile, Sheila copes with the breakup of her relationship (guest star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar).moreless
    • 10/31/12
      Gary enlists Emily's help after complaining to Marny about their messy apartment. Chris and Nick have a situation on their hands when Freddie and Ernie lock themselves in the bathroom. Meanwhile, the guys confront Nick about always being unprepared.
    • 10/24/12
      When the President of their co-op board Miss Crane passes away, domineering resident Lydia Allendinger (guest star Marissa Jaret Winokur) takes her place, much to the guy's chagrin. Utilizing her new found power, Lydia forbids Nick's annual Halloween hallway decorations, which leads Nick to take some drastic measures. Elsewhere, Gary and Marny desperately want to buy Miss Crane's old apartment to expand their living space and conspire to scare off any potential buyers.moreless
    • Gary's Day Off
      Episode 5
      Marny agrees to take care of all four kids for the first time while giving Gary the day off. Elsewhere, the guys agree to help Sheila move out in hopes of retrieving Chris' Giants tickets. Meanwhile, a medical emergency might put Gary's rare day off in jeopardy.
    • The Standoff
      Episode 4

      Gary seeks out the guys' help when he tries to figure out how to discipline his son.

    • 10/3/12
      Marny and Gary have four beautiful sons, and Gary is very happy with their situation. However, when Marny starts showing interest in having another baby, Gary panics. In order to hide his feelings from his wife, Gary turns to his best friends for their advice. Will Marny and Gary try for a daughter, or will Gary fess up about his concerns regarding having a fifth child?moreless
    • 9/26/12

      Nick is concerned that his ex-girlfriend is still in love with him. He soon finds out that thatactuallyis not the case.

    • Pilot
      Episode 1

      This new comedy series follows three fathers as they deal with their newly found fatherhood life. The trouble of hiring the right babysitter and having private time with your wife are some of the things this series touches on in the first episode.