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  • more seasons

    i love the show we need more seasons :(
  • Oh This Is Sad One Of my Favourites And Bestest Tv Shows I love

    Guys With Kids Is Great Really Funny and need More I love The CAST, Need More Seasons please Luvvvvvvv the others need more umph to it give it to 'em i luv "GUYS WITH KIDS'
  • More please!!

    I enjoyed this show...
  • A Show Made Up Of Mediocre Episodes

    There are some fairly good episodes of this show, but there are also some pretty bad episodes, such as "Gary's Day Off". No episodes yet have been that extraordinary. No episodes were above 7.5/10 until "Me Time".

    I really like the characters of Sheila, Gary, and Marny, but the other three, especially Emily, can be really annoying. It wasn't until the last five episodes that Emily stopped being annoying. By the last three episodes, the cast were all actually quite enjoyable.

    This show got good too late, and I think that now, this show is dead.
  • Not A Bad Show

    I have to say for NBC this is a step up to me. The series is good but I wouldn't mind if it got another season it is really funny believe it or not. PLEASE HAVE SEASON 2!!!!
  • could be better

    as a new dad i thought this had a lot of potential but it just felt like the execution was lacking
  • All in all not bad

    Guys with kids is a nice little sitcom. Not bad, but nothing special.

    There is some potencial for more but so far it is a family-friendly, somewhat funny show.
  • SO GOOD!!!

    This show is hysterical. It is completely different than any other show on tv. It has a great cast as well! I am looking forward to more episodes!!!
  • Why Not?

    At its best, Guys with Kids makes the nostalgic TV viewer cringe with... nostalgia. Multi-cam sitcom about 30-something friends living in the same building complete with a theme song? Sounds like 90s Must See TV. Where Guys with Kids falls short is when its generic nature goes too far. Jokes sound stale in many places and Jesse Bradford's execution is still awkward (Zach Cregger and Anthony Anderson on the other hand, are quite funny at times). The show found a nice balance in its Halloween episode, but has drifted a bit since. As NBC tries to broaden its comedy spectrum, the question that needs to be asked about Guys with Kids is--- WHY NOT?
  • Witty and smart...!

    This show is great.. I always watch it on Wednesdays with my little kids. It's really amazing and the comedy has me in stiches most of the time.. I really hope it doesn't get cancelled!
  • Love it!

    It's so great to finally see an old-fashioned sit-com again (LIVE audience meaning no laugh track, clean and sometimes cheesy family humor but still hilarious). The ONLY problem I have with this show is one cast member in particular. Don't get me wrong, I think Tempestt Bledsoe is beautiful, a wonderful actress, and plays her character perfectly! But seriously, why cast a woman with a model figure like that to portray a mother of FOUR KIDS!! with the youngest being twins less than a year old?! I know it's fiction nd all, but could they have possibly been any less realistic?
  • Beyond Irritating

    This is a show with a good cast, bad writing, over acting, and an annoying laugh track that pops up every 20 seconds whether there's a joke or not. This show is so bad that after I deleted the recording, I wanted to wash my DVR to cleanse it from this horrible, horrible, show.
  • quit bitching

    good show nice to see anderson on tv being his funny self people need to stop over anylizing everything and just learn to laugh nice to see a little real on tv wothout the reality :P kids change yoru life :P you don't get out so much but you still love them bc they are little you's :p