H2O: Just Add Water

Season 1 Episode 3

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Aired Friday 4:00 PM Jul 21, 2006 on Network Ten
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Rikki, Emma and Cleo discover that sea turtles are being captured by fishing nets. When Rikki and Emma attempt to rescue the turtles by cutting the nets, it causes the fisherman to think that there is a rogue shark roaming their ocean.

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  • Cool episode

    So first off Rikki and Emma discover that they can hold there breathe longer then 15 minutes that is so cool. Poor Cleo that she is afraid of water. Cleo discovers that sea turtles are being captured and Cleo thinks that her father is capturing them and she gets upset and doesn't want to talk to him. When a turtle gets stuck in the fishing net she turns into a mermaid and goes and rescues him and she gets herself stuck in the net and Emma and Rikki go and safe her and Cleo isn't affriand of swimming and she said that it is fun. I give this episode a 10 out of 10.moreless
  • I love turtles

    Firstly i think that this episote shows what kind of people going on illegal areas to catch sea creatures such as turtles. I really like turtles and i am with cleo. [= But i dont really know why cleo still doesnt want to tuch the watrer? this is third episote now.At the beginning cleo still looks panic when she saw the water. When emma and rikki was swimm they saw boat on the illegal areas and they realise that this people fishing tortles and this is cleos dads boat soafter when they back they told cleo about it and cleo ask her dad that they fish the turtles but her dad disagrred so on next day she saw that wasnet her dad fishing the turtles but his workers so cleo swimm to looked what they really doing and incidently whe catch herself in a fishers net but rikki and emma help her ot gone out before someone saw that they are mermaid. And cleo told I do like turtles in some way but they are so sweet.moreless
  • emma and rikki find out that cleo's dad's boat has been catching sea turtles in his nets and convince cleo but cleo does some investigating and finds out its someone on his boat doing this illegal activitymoreless

    i liked this ep b/c it showed cleo's fears and how she eventually overcame all that by going after her dad's boat for something shes very passionate about..the sea turtles and making sure they are ok..i was glad that cleo now can have fun w/ the girls swimming and beating their record of holding their breath..i liked that...and i liked how she saved the sea turtles..and lewis is still concerned about cleo especially when she jumps in and he knows she cant swim..i love his concern..they are so cute together...it was a very good ep i thought and i like how they have become accustomed to being mermaids nowmoreless
  • Turtles for Life!

    We are already at the third episode of the season? Wow! Cleo is still padantic about touching water and even swimming and Emma, Rikki and Lewis are trying to get her swimming. But when one of her dad's workers is endangering turtles, she dives in to help but gets into trouble herself when she is caught in the net!

    This wasn't my favourite H2O episode, though I do like turtles! It had some good lines in it and we have development from Kim and see more of her fiendish behaviour and Cleo is now a swimming mermaid! Maybe it makes her fringe look goodmoreless
Chris Palframan

Chris Palframan


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Damon Gibson

Damon Gibson


Guest Star

Christopher Poree

Christopher Poree


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Cleo Massey

Cleo Massey

Kim Sertori

Recurring Role

Alan David Lee

Alan David Lee

Don Sertori

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    • Cleo: There are more important things than seeing how long you can hold your breath for and frolicking with the dolphins.
      Rikki: I don't frolic! I glide!

    • Lewis: Rikki and Emma told me about your dad.
      Cleo: Great! So now the whole world knows my dad's a criminal. What would you do Lewis?
      Lewis: I'd change my name and move to the country, but that's just me.
      Cleo: You're no help.

    • Cleo: He denied everything, it's really awful. I mean, what could I say? "I know you're lying dad, 'cause my mermaid friends saw you fishing close to the nesting beach."
      Rikki: He was using illegal nets too.
      Emma: It's true, and they didn't have those grid things in them.
      Cleo: This just gets worse and worse.

    • Cleo: What's going on?
      Emma: We've been... you know... swimming.
      Rikki: It's the best thing, the reef is out of this world!
      Cleo: That's great, so has anyone been able to finish that calculus homework? Question 7's a nightmare.

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