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H2O: Just Add Water

Season 1 Episode 24

Love Potion #9

Aired Friday 4:00 PM Dec 15, 2006 on Network Ten
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With the school dance coming up, Emma and Cleo hope Byron and Lewis will ask them out. Meanwhile, Miss Chatham and Lewis are arguing about which is more important, magic or science.

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  • A school dance is coming up and all three girls must prepare it and have a great dance for the last class semester.

    So first off this was a good episode. Next Emma, Rikki and Cleo are in charge of a school dance at they hol it at the juice net cafe for the last semester of school. Meanwhile Lewis is doing an experiment how to make the girls water proof and is asking Cleo for some samples. Miss Chtman tells Lewis you can't mix Science with Magic.

    Cleo calls Lewis the second time and he asks her for a sample of something. Cleo asks Nate if they can go to the dance because he asks her before and they will be going. Emma has a crush on Byron but Miriam asks him and they go together and Rikki is going with Zane.

    It is the night of the dance and Lewis arrives there and Cleo doesn't like Nate at all. When there is an allergic reaction to the mermaids and there was a chemical that Lewis used that made all there faces red. Lewis learns that you can't mix magic with science and it won't work.

    All the girls swim to Mako Island and then Lewis arrives there and tells them the stories and they weren't interested in those girls and they were interested in them and they all swim back to the dance. There they have there dance and Lewis and Cleo have fun at Mako.

    I give this episode a 10 out of 10.moreless
  • it's time for the dance and cleo wants lewis to ask her and emma wants byron to ask her; emma is busy organizing the dance; lewis is busy w/ mermaid stuffmoreless

    i loved this ep..i didnt care too much for like the rest of the stuff other than the school dance b/c it of course has relationships i wanted to work and i kept thinking (like cleo) that lewis would ask her..but he doesnt..he gets several opportunities but hes like completely clueless..and then she goes w/ nate? what kind of decision is that? anyways i was glad when he found something to help them w/ their mermaid stuff but upset when it blew up in their face..and then lewis found out from emma that it was time for the dance and he felt stupid..and i think they get together at the end of this one..so yay

    oh my gosh..i can not believe i did that..i had to edit b/c i must have been tired when i did the score b/c this was a wonderful clewis ep and i gave it a pretty low score..they did get together so i call this a 10.0 and i love how it was mutual too..ok thats all im addingmoreless
  • Everybody wants somebody to love.

    In this episode we find the coming together of Lewis and Cleo. He's oblivious, because he's a guy, but also because he is looking for a way to help the girls become water-proof. He thinks he finds it in a spray-on chemical, but...the girls are allergic, turn red, and leave the dance embarassed. I like how, in the end, that Cleo lets Lewis know her feelings and is still very lady-like. Lewis discovers that science, even though it is wonderful, is not the answer to everything. Maybe magic has answers, but either way, the heart is not an equation to figure out.moreless
  • It's too soppy!

    From kisses to cat fights, this is torture for me!

    The school dance is coming up and Lewis is too busy making a waterproff formula for the girls to ask Cleo out so she goes with Nat. But at the dance, things go wrong when Cleo, Emma and Rikki start to turn red! It looks like Lewis might have ruined the party but, with assistance from Miss Chatham, might be able to save it.

    Yes, I gave this episode a high rating despite my comments. I ignored the whole love thing to concentrate on the actual episode. There were a lot of funny lines by Nat and Miss Chatham and it was good to see Miriam getting angry again! And you'll love the ending if you watch this.moreless

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