H2O: Just Add Water

Season 1 Episode 2

Pool Party

Aired Friday 4:00 PM Jul 14, 2006 on Network Ten

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  • Another great episode.

    This is the second episode of the series and it was great. What I liked about it was that Cleo pretended to be sick. They all discover that they have powers also not just growing mermaid tails. Cleo is able to control water with her mind, Rikki is able to boil water and heat things up and Emma is able to freeze and cool things down. Lewis discovers that they all have the power when some guys throw Cleo into the water. I really liked how Emma froze the door knob and everyone got trapped inside that was really cool I liked that the most and there powers also.
  • the girls still have to cope w/ their new abilities and learn about their powers, but they still can't tell..unfortunately there is a pool party coming up that they have to go to for social status

    i liked this ep..its amazing how they could still keep their secret from everyone especially when lewis (in this ep) starts hanging around them all the time..it gets so close sometimes b/c it was his fishing spot..and he is such a guy..are u guys naked..ok i can come in lol..they have to be like go away..and he does..hes just so easy-going..it was kinda funny..then the whole figuring out when they change and how to prevent it..they went thru so many methods and they still havent figured it out yet lol..then lewis finds out b/c zane is being a jerk too..but it was nice that they have a scientific mind behind the operation now..i liked this ep
  • The Secret is out!

    As the girls try to get used to being mermaids, Cleo desperately wants to go to Miriam's pool party. Rikki and Emma don't want Cleo to go but she does anyway. Lewis finds out that she is going and Zane wants revenge after the girls "stole" his Zodiac. Zane hurls Cleo into the pool and uses her power to save Cleo. Their secret is only revealed to Lewis, but how much longer will their secret stay secritive?

    This is a extremely good episode! It is a crutial episode to watch if you want to follow the series and is very enjoyable to watch! It is a crime not to watch it!
  • Nudity, Boiling Juice and Wet Revenge!

    Ah, here we are, already on the second episode and it too is excellent!

    As the girls start to have trouble with the mermaidness, popular girl Miriam is throwing a pool party. Cleo is desperate to go, as well as tell someone, but Emma and Rikki refuse to let her. Lewis is starting to become a bit suspicous when Cleo starts acting strange and then finds out she's going to the pool party. But Zane is desperate for revenge and throws her into the pool! Lewis, Rikki and Emma are there and their secret is revealed to Lewis and Rikki uses her power to rescue Cleo.

    Again, I feel a bit silly for watching a show about mermaids, but this episode is a much watch. There are some very good lines from Rikki, Cleo and Zane and the whole plot of this episode is well done!