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  • Trashy show like many others showing teens it's basically ok to have sex.

    This show like many others depicts teens acting in sexual manners. It's these kind of shows that promote sex in the youth which ends up in teen pregnancy. These shows should be banned, but this will never happen cause in this day in age all's everyone wants to see is half naked girls and sex. I hope the world ends soon cause it's turned to utter disgust.
  • h 20 :just add water

    It is the greatest show ever seen on TV and I wonder if there's going to be a 4 season please please please make a 4th season

  • Best show ever

    Love the graphics and the romance
  • this website isnt good

    this website isnt good you cant do anything on it. it is the worst website ever

  • really good

    H20 is a cool,fresh,unique and entertaining show. I especially love the first 2 seasons woth Cariba Heine, Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin. I didn't like season 3 as much due to somewhat predictive plots and new characters. I didn't like Bella becaude it made all the plots about her and she took all the attention , the show however could be more comedic at ttimes.
  • h2o ( make season 4

    They really need to make a season 4 cause i am hook on this show. I want emma to come back and it to keep on making awesome episodes
  • Clio is the best.

    hi clio, emma and rikki , i love your shoes. I watch you some weekends but at my dads and i am on a big chapter and i'm on a big epsoid.

    I think you are the best and i would love to be a mermaid too!

    Love from,

  • is there gonna be a season 4?

    I was wondering if there is gonna be a season 4, I enjoyed H2O: just add water, its a really good series, just one of the characters went on vacation, I would like to see a season where Emma comes back to her friends life and meets the new member who is like her.

    I was just wondering
  • h20 just add water

  • h2o/just/add/water

  • season 4

    i really liked this show, I just wish that they made a season 4
  • First Showing

    I thought this was a cute show, so far. It first caught my attention when I recognized Phoebe Tonkin ("Faye Chamberlain" of "The Secret Circle" on CBS)-definitely a different character (on the 1st ep.). I later also recognized Craig Horner ("Legend of the Seeker"). I thought I'd give it a watch (Netflix). I might be a little older in watching a "teen" show, but it doesn't bother me. I like to try out new shows when I am bored. The only thing that is a little odd is the special effects-not very good, imho-otherwise, I might continue watching.
  • charlot

  • The Show That I Love

    I LOVE H2O just add water! I wonder why there isn't a season 4......I hope there will be a season 4 !!!!!!!! I think Cleo is m type of girl who inspires me. She is what I call a "Buddy".

    Come to think about it, I have the same kind of hair,and skin as Cleo. I don't like the water that much just like Cleo.

    I have a boyfriend just like Cleo!

    Cleo and I have i think alot in common. I hope we get to meet sometime! :)
  • the show

    i love h20 just add water it is a fun and exciting show and it should be aired more on tv alright if u think so the comment after mine o and i am a huge fan of bella and cleo then rickki then zane then cloes boyfriend
  • Bring back season 4!!

    Love it, would like to see the gang again, an excellent show for kids and all ages.
  • i love this show i watch it every day on netflix please writters make come on agin please for yor fan kyra. thankyou

    sorry wrote it in the wrong place
  • Why is Ten so stop start with showing Series 3 of H20

    Why doesn't Channel Ten show the third season of H20 as a complete series?

    The first two series were shown as soon as possible. But the third series hasn't be been all shown on Free To Air television in Australia, and England saw this series a few years ago now.

    Ten started showing the third series in mid 2011 at 5:00 pm Sunday night but stop after a few weeks and replace it with the news because another network put the news on at that time as well. Then they start showing them again at 7:00 am Sunday morning. This occured a couple of times, but it wasn't on again today.

    What was wrong with the 4:00 pm Friday afternoon position which the first two series were in. Their stopping and starting of showing the third series has made it hard to keep track of the storyline. If the third series isn't rating well screen it on Channel 11 or play it over the summer. The ratings may be down because of the moving it around the schedule and that many people would have viewed it online. Can we have a decision from Channel Ten stating that they will show the third season of H2O in a certain timeslot and let the series run through.

    H2O has been an excellent show but the screening of series three has made it difficult to enjoy the third season.
  • I loved it, until the 3rd season came, too much drama... plus Zane and Rikki broke up! T_T

    1st season: fantastic
    2nd season: I became an even bigger Zane + Rikki fan
    3rd season: I wanted to kill Zane, Cleo, Sophie, Kim and Rikki a little bit. (she was just not the funny and a bit sweet yet tough person she used to be)

    This was one of the top shows I watched a few years ago but now it's just hell.

    sorry if this was boring, annoying or offending in any way this is just my opinion and also my first review.
  • i hate h2o cause cheorlet is part of the show get out or im never watching again and neither are any of my friends!!!!!!!!!!

    Get Rid Of Chorlet Hate H2o get rid of chorlet hate h2o now cause of chorlet hate her never watching agin if she is still on the show hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it!!!!!!!!! she is the worst actress worst person in the whole world even if it is just a tv show derector y did u have to ruin the show hate her hate her hate her hate her hate the show only cause of chorlet other wise i like it but now i hate it cause of u guess chaorlet and when she get out of line it horible
  • Why doesn't it come on anymore?

    I love this show sooo much, I watch it every night but how come it doesn't come on anymore at 8:00 pm on Disney Channel in Australia? Is it because their starting a new season? I love this show sooo much, I watch it every night but how come it doesn't come on anymore at 8:00 pm on Disney Channel in Australia? Is it because their starting a new season? I love this show sooo much, I watch it every night but how come it doesn't come on anymore at 8:00 pm on Disney Channel in Australia? Is it because their starting a new season?
  • its so bad i might even watch barney over this (DANG BARNEY)

    okay for most of my reviews you know i flame alot well i am sorry for doing that i just try to get my anger out in my own mind so i can let ppl know what i think story:somegirls go to some lake or something (even tho they should not)and they swim around in it and when they get out of it and get water on them it turns them into MERMAIDS (wait a second can we hear that story again i mean come on is the water magic? NO is it cursed? NO so why did it turn them into mermaids? no reason just a crappy story for a crappy show)
    story gets a 0 out of 10
    theme song:a tweeny bopper song like alot of bad live action shows for tweens now a days nothing special it gets 0 of 10
    episode ideas:the episodes are all the same thing 3 girls trying to keep there secret powers to themselfs it sums up all of the episodes perfectly theres no originality in the plots so another 0 of 10
    final words:did nick really have to put this in there channel
    over all i would give it a zero but tv.com will not let me so i just give it a 1.(something) on the rating but here i give it a nice big ZERO
  • I just don't think the plot is good enough.

    The last time I wrote a review about a show being bad, I guess I went a little too far (I was talking about "H20: Just Add Water, So I apologize), and the review was Deleting for flaming. I will try this again. I don't know much about this show except for the fact that it has mermaids. Basically, it is about three girls, Cleo, Rikki, and one more girl whose name I don't know since I didn't watch long enough. most of the show is centered on them hiding their mermaid identity. They transform when they are in water. So if they can just stay out of the water, there would be no need for this series.
  • Lame but addictive, and Cleo is way hot.

    This show is like super used and cliched. The story is about some weird mermaids with powers. First of all, the only reason why I watched this show was because I turned on my TV and put a random channel, and it had this on a marathin so I watched it all. There are 3 mermaids at the beginning, but I don't wanna spoil anything else LOL. There's this girl called Cleo, which is a mermaid too and she likes a stupid boy named Lewis who doesn't deserve her at all, because he is like really weird and he never expresses himself, but anyway, they were boyfriends and finished and both still love each other but Lewis is too stupid to tell her the truth and gets himself another girlfriend. That's WAY too much spoilers so sorry. Anyway, Cleo is the hottest of the three,Emma is not cute at all and the other one isn't too bad.
    When they see full moon they become crazy and feel the need to go to an island. None of their familiars know they're mermaids, but some of their friends do. And umm I guess that's all, the series are cliched but they have something that makes them so addictive that you don't want to stop, seriously, i watched it for a whole day, don't know if it's because I like Cleo, let's just wait for the 3rd season.
  • This show is about the unbelievable and it makes you believe! It's about 3 girls who become mermaids. They face the everyday enemy's and the supernatural enemy's. Butt will they make it through it all?

    this show is about magic and friendship. It's not only for children, people fwith very different ages watch this show! It is amazing how they thought up this show and amazing at how many children follow and believe it. some even believe in mermaids and now want to become a mermaid, and all of that thanks to the show! if that doesn't say what kind of fanbase it has i don't know want can. It makes little girls really little girls and enjoy being just that. And the cast are perfect. They fit their roles so well, you can actualy believe that they are their characters.
  • Awesome

    H20 just add water is a show about three teen-age girls who turn into mermaids and have cool powers, I mean seriously, how awesome is that! Thay have tons of cool adventures that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Some are good adventures some are bad adventures, but all in all it's a really, really fantastic show, so I dare you to check it out. This show has adventure, a little romance, a great plot, and amazing character build up. Do you want to know what this show is all over the place in all different countries and networks, so you can watch it just about every where including the internet. So check it out, you may just like it.
  • I like this show, but there are somethings you need to fix...

    Title: a bit to long, could be just "just add water"or something.

    Theme song: absolutely beatiful! I can just hear now that song "cause I'm not just an oardinary girl..." "the world is an oyster and I'm the pearl"...

    Story: three girls (well, four actually) who can become mermaids against theyr will.

    Characters: really colourful, and different for every ocasion ;) The actors are quite good, EXSCEPT the one's who play Eliot, Kim and Emma. Trust me, they need a lot of practise.

    Art: no art actually.

    Humour: this show doesn't depend on it, but it has it's best moments, too. Like, when Kim refers to Lewis as a "merman"lol :)

    Misc: I have some goofs on my list too:
    1) Only Rikki can control heat, but in many episodes the mermaids (without Rikki sometimes) magicly dry themselfs without any help. So, maybe Emma and Cleo also have the power to dry up water?
    2) The girls turn mermaid when they touch water, but in many episodes they drink juice and nothing hapends! There is one episode, when the gang thinks Charlote is a mermaid(she's not, yet) so Lewis goes to her and sprinkles with some kind of a brown liquid(cacao or coffe, perhaps) if Charlote had to become a mermaid with such a thing like a cup of cold coffe, how can girls drink juice?! or eat fruit at that matter? it has some water too...

    In conclusion: I like this show, BUT it has to many love-shmove details. There could be more action and less kisses...
  • I watch this show only in free time.

    Just Add Water is an Australian television program for teens, preteens, and children that is filmed on location at Sea World and other locations on the Gold Coast. It first screened on Australia's Network Ten in 2006 and later on Disney Channel Australia, and currently runs on channels in over one hundred countries worldwide . The show's premise revolves around three teenage girls facing everyday teen problems with an added twist: they're mermaids with powers over water . The theme song "No Ordinary Girl" is performed by Ellie Henderson in series one and by Kate Alexa in series two .
  • omg im so in love with this show!

    okay so h2o is about 3 girls (emma, rikki, and cleo) who become mermaids when they are in water. the only person that knows their secret is their friend, Lewis.

    how can i even describe this show? its like THEE perfect tv show! im soo addicted to it.

    so yeah i love the ZANE-RIKKI thing. they are so cute together i hope they go out in real life. lol! im just a big fan of them, thats all.

    in season 2 of h2o, charlotte makes her first appearance. she gets to be a mermaid too! she goes out with lewis that made cleo unhappy about it. i think charlotte is a b to the iatch. she just makes me furious.

    long story short, I LOVE THIS SHOW!
  • Gets better all the time.

    I've yet to see any episodes past "Hocus Pocus" but out of the episodes I've seen, the show seems to get better and better with each episode. The movie that started it was pretty good but a few of the following episodes weren't that exciting but as the show progressed it got better and better. The air of mystery that seems to surround certain characters like Mrs. Chatham, Zane and Charrlett (who I hear will get a much bigger role in episodes after "Hocus Pocus"). I love seeing the girl's powers progress and the openning song is awesome. I can't wait until the rest of the episodes air!
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