H2O: Just Add Water

Season 1 Episode 10

The Camera Never Lies

Aired Friday 4:00 PM Sep 08, 2006 on Network Ten

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  • Rikki enters a short film contest.

    Okay so this was anot ther interesting episode. Rikki enters a short film contest on the theme of Heroes and Emma is interviewing her parents and is doing a shortfilm also. Rikki is doing the shortfilm from underwater with her mermaid abillities and that was really cool but Zane's father still wins that really sucks I was hoping Rikki was gonna win the short film contest. And along with Emma she is trying to do the interview to be exactly perfect. This was an avarage episode and was totally great to watch it and I liked it this episode gets a 10 out of 10.
  • there is a film competition regarding heroes

    im so mean arent i...not too much to go off of in the summary but thats pretty much what the ep was..i did really like this ep and i will have some spoilers..the competition was interesting..everyone wanted to win but its not like they got nasty about it..they just submitted different things..emma kept trying to film her mom and realized that heroes can be heroes without being singled out as one..quite a tremendous breakthrough..rikki got some amazing shots but would not be able to use them..lewis won again with another comedy showing as zane tried to beat his dads record to gain his respect..i liked this ep a lot
  • Sharks and video cameras

    You really get to see a wide vareity of animals on this show.

    Wilfred is having a film contest and Rikki desperatley wants to win but Emma's idea of award winning material is interviewing her mum as it's on 'Heroes'. So, Rikki decides to film sharks underwater. This comes in handy too when Zane, attempting to film a reannactment of a feat of his father's, ends up stranded in Mako Island waters surrounded by sharks!

    Rikki is one of my favourite charecters but this wasn't her cup of tea. The whole Emma and her mum storyline was a bit stupid in my opinion and Zane was alright. But the amount of humour managed to but things up a great notch.