H2O: Just Add Water

Season 2 Episode 26


Aired Friday 4:00 PM Mar 21, 2008 on Network Ten
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An unusual and rare planetary alignment is set to cause the full moon to remove a mermaid's powers if they enter the moon pool! Charlotte shows immunity and tries to reveal the girls' secret before Lewis takes her to Mako Island. The girls follow and a battle erupts. But who will win?


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  • Charlotte deserves what she got.

    Charlotte gets affected by the full moon and starts making a mess at Emma's house. At the end Emma reveals to Ash that she is a mermaid he thinks it is cool not strange like Zane and Lewis first found out and he is the only one. Next there is a battle between Charlotte and the three girls and Charlotte definately deserves that what she has done to the girls. Charlotte and Lewis become friends and she gives the locket back to Cleo. To bad Charlotte didn't appologize and so that they all become friends. I give this episode a 10 out of 10.moreless
  • The moon pool is ready to take away a mermaids power, but which mermaid's power will it take away? Lewis takes Charlotte to Mako island, but when the girls follow, troulbe brews.moreless

    Thank you, Max. I had to say that. He confirmed my theory in the episode. He mentioned that the closer the planets are to aligning perfectly, the more powerful the moon becomes. Since Charlotte became a mermaid on the last full moon before the perfect planetary alignment, (evidenced because it was mentioned that she hadn't experienced a full moon yet) it's no surprise that she was a whole lot more powerful than the other three girls. Makes perfect sense!

    I really loved this episode. Finally, Charlotte is put in her place. No powers, no control, no Cleo's locket, and NO Lewis. I'm beyond happy that Emma told Ash her secret. It was long needed and awaited. Also, I loved the end of the episode--Emma, Rikki, and Cleo running into the ocean with their respective boyfriends watching behind them.moreless
  • Finally, Charlotte gets put in her place!

    I can't tell you how crazy Charlotte's been driving me, especially these last seven or so episodes. She was making me go insane every time she said something about how Emma, Rikki and Cleo weren't "worthy" of their powers. It drove me over the edge when she said she was more mermaid than all three of them put together. So don't be appalled when I say I'm glad they finally kicked her sorry butt. I was always with Rikki on this one- there's only supposed to be three mermaids, at least in this show. The ending was really good too, with the Kate Alexa song in the background, and Emma finally revealing to Ash she's a mermaid, and then all of the girls running off in the water with Ash, Lewis, and Zane watching, all happy. All I can say is, if had've been the series finale(but thank God it wasn't), it would've been a good one.moreless
  • charlotte tries to reveal the girls secret and it is an all-out battle when she challenges them

    ok this will contain spoilers because this finale (season finale mind u) was just so awesome..i absolutely loved it..charlotte was a jerk as usual but she was really smart and figured out about the full moon while the other girls had no idea..she put up a good fight but the other girls were just stronger..thank goodness charlotte lost her powers..i was so relieved and the other girls kept theirs..it was very dramatic tho when the battle erupted and it seemed that it could go either way..and then charlotte gets the idea that she and lewis could still work out..wrong sister..hes with cleo..good triumphed over evilmoreless
  • Everything comes to a close, all loose ties are taken care of. Warning spoiler

    Fantastic, amazing, extraordinary! So many words describe this ending. The three take on Charlotte and defeat, making her a mermaid no longer. Cleo even gets her locket back. Lewis and Cleo are back together,

    Everything is good with Rikki and Zane

    And Emma finally tells Ash she's a mermaid!

    Ms. Chatham does not make an appearance, which feels odd considering this is a vital point in the girls' mermaid life, but hopefully she'll return.

    There is no prominent evil or problem that is overlapping to hint at next season's crisis, but i have faith in the writiers and i'm sure that it will even be better than this season (though that seems impossible right now)

    Overall, i'd give it a ten for an awesome battle scene and a heart warming ending.moreless
Brittany Byrnes

Brittany Byrnes

Charlotte Watsford

Recurring Role

Craig Horner

Craig Horner

Ash Dove

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Burgess Abernethy

Burgess Abernethy

Zane Bennett

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