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  • The writers screwed up a good thing

    I loved the first season so much that I binge watched the entire first season. I couldn't finish watching the second season of the series after the episodes began showcasing successively more liberal propaganda and became increasingly more unbelievable.

    No wonder it was cancelled. If you catch it on NETFLIX, do yourself a favor and skip the second season entirely. I gave it a 7.5 because it gets a 10 for season one and a 5 for season 2

  • First season had promise, second season is dumbed down

    The first season of Hack had promise. I'm reluctant to use the word "intelligent" when talking about TV shows, but season one had a pretty intelligent approach to themes of conscience, family, religion---It was simply too good for TV. The network execs ordered the producer and writers to dumb it down if it was to get a second season. They got rid of interesting characters like Grizz, the priest, and added a female character who's only purpose is to look good. They made the plots more formulaic and added more violence. They even amped up the theme music to make it look more like an "action" show.

    Leave it to Hollywood idiots to screw up a good thing. It's a wonder the first season ever made it on the air to begin with. TV just can't be dumb enough.
  • HACK: From brilliant to banal

    The writing and cast for the first season was wonderful enough to restore faith in network programming. Characters were real and three dimensional and the cliche plots were shunned. Watch it but be warned. The second season is the polar opposite. Cookie cutter scripts, heavy handed messages, and plots so obvious you have them figured out before the teaser goes to commercial. The new characters added fit the standard network profile sure to meet their projected demographics. Hack goes from the sublime to the ridiculous for season two. A sad waste of acting talent. Hack is the star of season one and season two is written by hacks.

    Michael Chain
  • I never missed an episode when it was on.

    I really enjoyed this show and never missed an episode when it screened in Melbourne. A lot of depth to the main characters. I think I strongly identified with Mike (tall; shaved head; broken marriage; life a bit off the rails). The formula varied enough episode to episode so that it never got stale. Good stuff, I reckon.
  • Hack is one of my faavorites.The characters are awesome.It got me inspired to watch more anime.My favorite charcter is the orange girl.

    Hack is one of my faavorites.The characters are awesome.It got me inspired to watch more anime.My favorite charcter is the orange girl.My favorite episode is the last one.The recckoning.If you have watched Hack then you probally like it.I love the pictures of hack.It's my 4th favorite show.I wish they made a magna of it.I would buy all of the volumes then.Anime is my favorite subject.Hack is a cool show.It inspires me.It is worth the watch.I wish it would air another episode.I think it's better than Danny Phantom,Naruto, and Family guy.If you have not watched Hack then you should.I have.Thank you.
  • A show with a good idea that could have been developed better.

    Not sure how the viewing public liked the idea of a cop fired for being corupt being the main character. But, what he was doing now certainly is good. I don't agree that any cop is above the law, the need to obey them just like we do. But, I can understand how one might be tempted with all that they see out there every day. But, it is their job to uphold the law. With that said, the fact that he it trying to make good with his life now is commendable. I have always liked David Morse from when I first saw him on St. Elsewhere. So, when I heard about this show I was sure I would like it. While I was not disappointed I do feel it could have been better or stronger. The supporting cast was certainly good. And in the second season they did make some changes that improved it, but I guess it wasn't enough for the network dogs. Oh well, they don't listen to us the viewers anyway !
  • Not a bad drama

    Hack, this is a very watchable drama, it's quite good and i was disappointed to find out that only 2 seasons were made, luckly i am still watch season 2, i think there's 6 episoide left until it finishes. i will be sad when i watch the final episoide.

    Mike, the star of the show, he used to be a cop then he got thrown off after taking bribes but his partner (Marclous) didn't and is still a cop, Mike, now a taxi-driver who helps people with problem, he like the good smartian doing good deeds. However his home-life is more complicated, he's divorced from his wife but remain good friends and the show explores how his cop-work affeced his marriage. Not only that but his wife is now re-marry and he has accept it. That's just tough.

    Things become even more difficult in season 2 after finding out Marclous(mike ex-cop partner) became quite ill, he didn't tell his wife, quite understanable however that causes his marriage to go downhill. So we are at point where thing are all up in the air, i'm hoping when season finishes everything will be resolved.