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  • A show with a good idea that could have been developed better.

    Not sure how the viewing public liked the idea of a cop fired for being corupt being the main character. But, what he was doing now certainly is good. I don't agree that any cop is above the law, the need to obey them just like we do. But, I can understand how one might be tempted with all that they see out there every day. But, it is their job to uphold the law. With that said, the fact that he it trying to make good with his life now is commendable. I have always liked David Morse from when I first saw him on St. Elsewhere. So, when I heard about this show I was sure I would like it. While I was not disappointed I do feel it could have been better or stronger. The supporting cast was certainly good. And in the second season they did make some changes that improved it, but I guess it wasn't enough for the network dogs. Oh well, they don't listen to us the viewers anyway !