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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Beginning of A Legend
      Shu-go and the others fight against the AI and his minions, but their attacks have no effect. In the middle of this, Shu-go notices that of all the members of his party, only Komiyan the Third appeared to suffer no damage (though he has Rena's memeber address the same as everyone else). Shugo theorizes that Komiyan's resistance to viral infection due to his haveing recieved the Data Drain. Shu-go begins formulating a plan to eliminate the virus...moreless
    • End of The World
      End of The World
      Episode 11
      Shu-go and the others somehow manage to defeat the monster. But then an AI shows up and launches an attack using NPC's. The AI inflicts further damage by infecting them with a virus via Rena's member address book (which Shu-go and the others have stored
    • Phantom City
      Phantom City
      Episode 10
      Shu-go and the others -well aware of the danger but determined to help Rena arrive at a sever that's not yet open to the average player. When they enter the sever(which connects to the Area where Rena is located), they encounter a monster that by all rights shoudn't appear in that Area. What's more, the monster's data has been altered to the point where Shu-go and the others' have no effect on it. They find themselves on the defensive. Meanwhile, Rena wanders around alone, looking for a way out of the Area she has been imprisoned in. In her wanderings, she encounters a mysterious individual who emits a faint light.moreless
    • Impending Doom
      Impending Doom
      Episode 9
      Shu-go and the others finally uncover a clue to Rena's whereabouts. Unfortunately, that place appears to be on a server that's not open to the average player. Shu-go tries to enter the server via "Data Hacking" another power of the bracelet he possesses.
    • Lonely Noble Knight
      Shu-go decides to make use of the illegal "Data Drain" skill in order to locate Rena. CC Corperation , the company that oversees the online gaming envoirment of "The World," also has sentries that patrol the game, locating characters whose conduct is against the rules. It's not long before the sentries get word of Shu-go's Data Drains...moreless
    • Twilight Moon
      Twilight Moon
      Episode 7
      Shu-go and the others sweep the Area looking for Rena but come away empty-handed. Balmung and Sanjuro therorize that Rena's disappearance may be a result of someone wanting to get their hands on Kite's bracelet, an item Shu-go currently possesses. The two of them at last Shu-go in on the secret details of their past.moreless
    • Trap of the Steaming Hot Water
      Rena goes missing during the battle with the monsters, so Shu-go and the others look for her. Just then an anonymous e-mail arrives, its sole contents being a certain Area of the game. Shu-go and the others think that perhaps Rena's disappearance is simply an "event" bulit into the game. They head to the Area named in the e-mail to check it out.moreless
    • Mansion of Terror
      Four kids are sitting around computers discussing how their modified monster just lost. They realized that their opponent used data drain and the only person to obtain such a power is Kite and that he must be eliminated. Shugo and the girls decide to head to the beach. Rena and Shugo see a couple of boys trying to take a rare ball from a little girl on the beach. So, they head over to the girl and get her ball back from them. When Shugo gives her back the ball, the girl takes his Member's Address and then quickly teleports away. In the real world, Shugo finds out that he has an email from Aura asking him to help her. Most of the text is fragmented and difficult to read so Shugo asks Mireille to decipher the information. She tells Shugo that Aura wanted him to go to Haunted Woodland Muderhouse. When Shugo and the others arrive at the mansion Rena gets scared and determines to show them how brave she is so decides to go off on her own. While the groups is searching for Rena, they are attacked by powerful monsters. While they are fighting, the groups tells Shugo that he should go find Rena so they can escape this place. Desperate to find her way out of the mansion by herself, Rena follows a bug into a weapons room and then is locked inside. The bug then transforms into an evil hologram of Aura, who laughs that it trapped Blackrose. The hologram says that even though they were looking to trap Kite, Blackrose will still work. Suddenly, the hologram turns into the Grim Reaper and attacks Rena. With one hit she is close to death. Luckily, Shugo enters in time and attacks the monster. Unfortunately, this monster will not die either. Seeing how there is no other option, Shugo performs a Data Drain. Rena, still desperately in need of healing, starts floating to the ceiling. Just then Mireille and the others run in and Mireille tries to heal her multiple times, but nothing happens. Then Rena disappears right before everyone’s eyes. In the real world, we see someone trying to contact Rena, but she is not there to pick up her cell phone. It seems something has happened to Rena as a result of the incidents that just took place.moreless
    • The Night of Tanabata
      The episode starts with Sanjuro training Shugo about how to fight the monsters in "The World" When they are done, they teleport back to the city where Rena is waiting for them, and she tells Shugo the he has spent a lot of time playing with Sanjuro lately. Shugo replies that they were not playing they were training. Sanjuro chimes in and says that a warrior needs to train. Rena replies that Shugo is not a warrior and that she is feeling neglected that they should spend more time together. In Mac Anu, the Shugo and Rena learn about the Festival of the Weaver Maiden that will be held later that day. In the field Distant Azure River, where the festival of Tanabata is scheduled to take place, Shugo is already there waiting for the others to arrive. When Mireille shows up, she is wearing a rare yukata that she received as a rare item from a very tough battle. Shortly after, Hotaru, Ouka and Rena teleport in and they, too, are wearing yukatas. According to Tanabata tradition, everyone must write a wish down and hang it on the tree branches. The Tanabata event starts with the contest of the weaver maiden. The person chosen randomly to become Orihime is Rena. She is lifted into the air and teleported to stage. Balmung thinks that this cannot be a coincidence, she was chosen despite the fact that the sampling was supposed to be purely random. The rest of the participants will try to make their way across the river and the first person to greet Rena will be crowned as Kenju(Orihime's lover). Once the contest starts, the contestants use a variety of means to give themselves an advantage. In the meantime, Komiyan the 3rd (Shugo's old classmate) has taken the lead and is about to get his wish… until a large fish appears in his path and he is forced to retreat. Ouka is looking for a worthy fight, and Mireille thinks that defeating a special event character will give her some rare items. They attack, but the fish is a corrupted monster and it is able to heal itself and it goes after Rena. Feeling that there is nothing left to do, Shugo Data Drains the monster (along with Komiyan who was nearby) and Mireille collects the fish as a rare item. As Shugo reaches for Rena, Rena instead grabs Balmung's hand to thank him. Since the race was still going on during the battle, Balmung is declared the winner. Moments before the kiss takes place, a Grunty enters at the last minute with footage showing that Shugo was really the first one there. Then a storm starts and Balmung states that there was not supposed to be any rain scheduled in that field. Balmung tells Reki that they need to evacuate everyone before something else happens.moreless
    • Wings of Phoenix
      Wings of Phoenix
      Episode 3
      Late one night in the world, a reddish-brown haired girl asks another girl named Hotaru for a favor. She is going to be logged off for 3 days, and was hoping Hotaru would watch her Grunty. Although Hotaru knows nothing about raising Grunty's, she accepts. The next day, Shugo learns that since his bracelet is such a high level, his level must be higher in order to use it properly. Rena, Mireille, and Ouka convince Shugo that they should go train in an intermediate level area. This will help him level up faster and hopefully be able to control the powers of the bracelet. Balmung and Reki get together to talk about the Kite and Blackrose contest. CC Corp claims that they did not authorize the contest and that they know nothing about it. Balmung thinks that either they truly know nothing about it, or that they are refusing to talk. Balmung tells Reki to report is as a number one emergency claim. Hopefully then someone will decide to talk. On the field, Ouka, Mireille, and Rena tell Shugo to stay out of there and just practice swinging his sword when they fight. That way Shugo can still level up along with the group but he does not have to do any actual fighting. When the group mentions that Rena is doing very well in learning how to fight, Shugo gets jealous and mentions that they are at the same level because they both started the game at the same time. Frustrated because he feels like he is holding everyone back, he gets mad and teleports away. As Shugo sits by the river in Mac Anu, wondering why Aura gave him the bracelet, he notices the girl Hotaru sitting beside him. She is concerned because she thinks her Grunty is sick and does not know what to do. Shugo decides they should stop at a doctor, who diagnoses it with Grunty Influenza. Curious if there was anything they could do to help it get better, the doctor said that the only way they can save it is by getting the Wings of Phoenix from Blazing Purgatory Valley. Blazing Purgatory Valley is filled with lots of high-level monstes and soon Shugo and Hotaru are trapped between two monsters When the monster attacks Hotaru, Shugo decides to use his Data Drain to save Hotaru from sacrificing herself. The Data Drain connects and Shugo is easily able to defeat the monster. Just after Shugo defeats one monster, another one is ready to strike Hotaru. Luckily, Sanjuro (Hotaru's friend) comes to the rescue and easily kills the monster. He then proceeds to lead them safely to the Wing of Phoenix. With the Wings of Phoenix now in their possession, Hotaru and Shugo go back to Mac Anu to heal the Grunty. Shortly after the Grunty is healed, the reddish brown haired girl comes back, surprised that it is all healed. She said that she thought it was sick but decided to go out of town anyway. The Grunty tells Hotaru that he does not want her for an owner and that he wants Hotaru. Back in Mac Anu, Balmung asks Sanjuro if he would train Shugo on how to fight. When Sanjuro asks why Balmung explains that "The Twilight is approaching and Shugo has the key".moreless
    • Kite's Bracelet
      Kite's Bracelet
      Episode 2
      Shu-go and Rena encounter Mireille, a Wavemaster intent on collecting rare items. At her invitation, the two participate in an event that has them figShugo logs in, and Rena immediately scolds him for being late. During this scolding, Mireille shows up ready to join the party and go out on an adventure. Instead of politely turning Mireille down, Rena grabs Shugo's hand and uses a Speed Charm and makes a run for it. When Rena and Shugo stop, they realize that there was a special event going on today involving trying to make the Cherry Blossoms bloom. Shugo is really interested in getting over to the field and winning a rare item, but Rena suggests that the field might be tough and they could use a wavemaster. Luckily Mireille just happens to be around and ready to lend a helping hand. At the field, Mireille does her best to try to get the trees to bloom, by casting healing spells. Realizing that doesn't work she wanders off thinking that a rare item might help. Shugo takes this time to daydream about his past. When he wakes up he notices a dog nearby and he starts to play with the dog. Balmung appears and notices Shugo's Bracelet. When he asks Kite where he got that, Shugo tells him that the girl in white gave it to him. A weary Balmung could only reply with "Aura". Mireille remembers the story and how there are corpses hidden beneath the cherry blossom trees, so she starts digging. A skeleton appears and comes to life and starts chasing after her. When it is attacked it can revive itself. When it goes after Rena, Shugo Data Drains not only stops the skeleton, but all of the other characters are frozen. However the dog that was accompying Shugo changes into a girl. The girl, claims she is a werewolf and she thanks Shugo for releasing her by using Data Drain. Mireille recognizes the girl as Divine Fist Ouka and tells Shugo that she is one of the strongest warriors in The World. hting a powerful monster again.moreless
    • A Legendary Hero
      A Legendary Hero
      Episode 1
      A boy named Kunisaki Shugo checks his email to find that he has won a contest that allows him to play The World as the legendary dot hacker Kite. Shugo calls up his twin sister (Rena) to tell her the good news and she informs him that she too has won the contest and that her character will be remodeled after the character Blackrose (also a legendary .hacker). Shugo mentions that he never entered in any contest and that he does not even have the software to play the game. That is when Rena informs Shugo that she entered him in the contest and that just incase one of them won, she installed the world on his computer.

      When he logs in, he meets up with his twin sister Rena and they decide to go to a field. On the field, Rena and Shugo watch as a Level 1 class monster appears in front of them. Shugo attacks, but is easily knocked to the ground by the monster. Rena performs Calamity Cut to take out the monster and then she offers her brother a healing potion.

      After being reprimanded by Rena, Shugo is ready to redeem himself and says that he will fight the next monster that appears. However the next monster is an armored Super Samurai Shogun. Rena starts getting worried because it is at Level 48 and it should not be in a beginner's area. The Samurai Super Shogun hits Shugo once and that force was enough to kill Shugo. In the real world, Shugo can no longer move his body and he starts to wonder what is going on. Back in the game, Shugo hears a voice telling him that he must not die. A girl in white appears from within the game gives him a gold bracelet and tells him to use Data Drain. After the meeting, Shugo wakes up in The World with the bracelet on and soon hears his sister scream. Shugo meets up with the monster and performs Data Drain on the monster .

      After witnessing these events the mysterious girl appears and introduces herself as Mireille to Shugo and Rena.moreless