Season 1 Episode 3

Wings of Phoenix

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 2003 on Cartoon Network
Wings of Phoenix
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Late one night in the world, a reddish-brown haired girl asks another girl named Hotaru for a favor. She is going to be logged off for 3 days, and was hoping Hotaru would watch her Grunty. Although Hotaru knows nothing about raising Grunty's, she accepts. The next day, Shugo learns that since his bracelet is such a high level, his level must be higher in order to use it properly. Rena, Mireille, and Ouka convince Shugo that they should go train in an intermediate level area. This will help him level up faster and hopefully be able to control the powers of the bracelet. Balmung and Reki get together to talk about the Kite and Blackrose contest. CC Corp claims that they did not authorize the contest and that they know nothing about it. Balmung thinks that either they truly know nothing about it, or that they are refusing to talk. Balmung tells Reki to report is as a number one emergency claim. Hopefully then someone will decide to talk. On the field, Ouka, Mireille, and Rena tell Shugo to stay out of there and just practice swinging his sword when they fight. That way Shugo can still level up along with the group but he does not have to do any actual fighting. When the group mentions that Rena is doing very well in learning how to fight, Shugo gets jealous and mentions that they are at the same level because they both started the game at the same time. Frustrated because he feels like he is holding everyone back, he gets mad and teleports away. As Shugo sits by the river in Mac Anu, wondering why Aura gave him the bracelet, he notices the girl Hotaru sitting beside him. She is concerned because she thinks her Grunty is sick and does not know what to do. Shugo decides they should stop at a doctor, who diagnoses it with Grunty Influenza. Curious if there was anything they could do to help it get better, the doctor said that the only way they can save it is by getting the Wings of Phoenix from Blazing Purgatory Valley. Blazing Purgatory Valley is filled with lots of high-level monstes and soon Shugo and Hotaru are trapped between two monsters When the monster attacks Hotaru, Shugo decides to use his Data Drain to save Hotaru from sacrificing herself. The Data Drain connects and Shugo is easily able to defeat the monster. Just after Shugo defeats one monster, another one is ready to strike Hotaru. Luckily, Sanjuro (Hotaru's friend) comes to the rescue and easily kills the monster. He then proceeds to lead them safely to the Wing of Phoenix. With the Wings of Phoenix now in their possession, Hotaru and Shugo go back to Mac Anu to heal the Grunty. Shortly after the Grunty is healed, the reddish brown haired girl comes back, surprised that it is all healed. She said that she thought it was sick but decided to go out of town anyway. The Grunty tells Hotaru that he does not want her for an owner and that he wants Hotaru. Back in Mac Anu, Balmung asks Sanjuro if he would train Shugo on how to fight. When Sanjuro asks why Balmung explains that "The Twilight is approaching and Shugo has the key".moreless

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