Season 1 Episode 12

Break Up

Aired Wednesday 1:30 AM Jun 21, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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We start off seeing a bald man with a toga like garb on approached by a girl in skimpy outfit with long pink pigtails. (Now I’m dead sure this is Yata and Pi from G.U. so I’ll call them that here, more on this in the Impressions). Pi and Yata stand in front of a large display and an image of Ovan struggling in air appears before them. They talk about how things are going. Yata says that his body seems to be normal but his left arm is like a black box. Pi asks what they can do but Yata just says there will be a way to get the information out. Elsewhere, Haseo is talking with Phyllo on the bridge about what he is going to do since Ovan is gone. Phyllo asks if Haseo is playing the game for Ovan, he says no so Phyllo tells him to play it for the people still here. At the home, Tabby and Sakisaka are talking. Sakisaka seems really frustrated and says to Tabby how the guild is pointless now. He explains that it was a guild formed to fine the Key of the Twilight and now that it doesn’t exist and such then there is no point for the guild. Back with Phyllo, Haseo is about to leave when B-Set appears to talk with Phyllo too. Shino is by herself at the waterfall and Haseo approaches her and comforts her a bit. B-Set is talking with Phyllo and mentions how she is thinking of quitting the game. Gord has already quit (damnit) and she mentions how she had feelings for Ovan, that he was the reasons he continued to play the game. She says how she would like to have seen Ovan one more time.

At the home, Shino and Haseo arrive to Tabby and Sakisaka waiting. They talk about what to do and Haseo says that maybe they should start the search for the Key of the Twilight again. Sakisaka outright refuses saying he doesn’t want it to e like before when they spent days searching random areas. Shino says that it doesn’t exist so it’s pointless and Tabby just kind of agrees with the flow. Tabby says they should look for Ovan though because he is logged in they just can’t contact him. Outside the home Tabby and Sakisaka are talking and Sakisaka says there is no point in looking Ovan. He isn’t coming back because he doesn’t want to and things like that. Tabby just calls him an idiot and walks off. After seeing Ovan struggling in pain some more, back at the home B-Set uses her guest pass to head in and talks to Shino. She tells her that she is quitting the game. Shino asks B-Set what she thinks of Haseo. She says he is a good kid, that Shino should return his feelings and forget about Ovan. Shino says it’s impossible because Ovan is special to her. B-Set says she can’t win against her and says it’s good to get that off her chest, and leaves. We see Tabby and Haseo both by themselves asking themselves what they should do now, that they are lost. We then see at the Cathedral Shino with Phyllo. Shino says how everyone is gone now. Shino says however she feels she is different. That she will be here till the end of this world, even if it becomes a different world. However, she needs some time to organize her thoughts. If “its” to be broken, she wants it done with her own hands.

At the home, Haseo, Tabby and Sakisaka are there. Haseo tells them all that Phyllo contacted him, that Shino won’t be logging in for a while. Sakisaka gets really pissed off saying why at a time like this. He says he never should have trusted Ovan. He throws his guild card on the floor and says he quits the Twilight Brigade. Meanwhile with Ovan, the scanning is going on and he is yelling for them to stop it. Soon, the kind of lock on his arm breaks and the whole things explodes in a burst of light and Ovan yells in pain. Haseo turns his head back at the home as if he heard it but Tabby hears nothing. Haseo and Tabby talk about Shino and Tabby says how it’s not fair that Haseo only looks at Shino. She says how he doesn’t know how she feels and runs off. In town, Tabby is sitting with Sakisaka and she tells him she is quitting the guild too. The two of them head off together to do normal game stuff. At the cathedral, Haseo teleports in because of a message he got from Shino. He arrives to see Shino sitting by herself, dressed in black. Shino says she heard what happened and is sorry for leaving him with that. Shino gets really serious and says she has decided. She won’t run away like Aura did. Haseo asks about her clothes and she says it’s an indication of her change of heart. Shino says from today on, the Twilight Brigade is disbanded. She says even if there is no guild however, she will wait for Ovan. Haseo says she wont’ be alone, he will wait with her.moreless

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