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    Ok so there are alot of mysteries and confusing things about this show that doesnt exactly get answered.

    So if you think your an expert or understand the series really well i challenge you to please answer these questions.


    1. Why Does Haseo think killing Tri-Edge will bring back Shino?

    2. How did Ovan escape Naobi?

    3.What was Ovan doing during the time he escaped and the time he re-met with Haseo?

    4.How is it that Tri-Edge is able to float in the sky and dissappear?

    5. Why did Aura run away, and where did she go?

    6. What triggered Haseo to transform the 1st time?

    7. Why did Slver Knight appear in ep 26, what was his pupose?

    Thats all for now, i encourage you to post more in depth questions as you think of them.

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