Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 1:30 AM Jul 12, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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We start off hearing two people in the real world talk about logging in and such and it seems to be their first time. We then go to Tabby who is sitting alone in a field, thinking and remembering about the times she spent with Haseo and Sakisaka. She says she wishes she could meet them again, sounding as if she is going to quit, and she drops her guild card for the guild she made and leaves. We then see two players faced with a huge monster; these are presumably the guys we heard from at the beginning. They are about to die when Tabby saves them. Meanwhile we see Phyllo sitting by the river when someone comes up. Phyllo says it’s rare for him to visit and we see a tall person with long blue hair (Kuhn). Phyllo asks him if there is anything he wants to talk to him about and Kuhn says not really. We see Tabby with the two players. She is telling them they should be careful and how they should get some better equipment. She goes with them to buy gear so they don’t get stuff that they can’t use. After that one of them asks her why she is helping them, what’s her intention for doing all this? Tabby just says she is doing for them what someone did for her when she was new. She then heads out with the two of them for revenge at the monsters. Kuhn is still sitting with Phyllo and Phyllo tells him how he is a lot like another person he knows, whenever he would ask what is wrong he would say just what Kuhn did, nothing, and just listen to what Phyllo had to say. Tabby is out with the new members showing them how to defeat monsters. She goes after one of them but isn’t able to do any damage to it. The new members wonder what she is doing hat it is a water attribute monster so you have to attack it with fire. They defeat it for her and ask her if she really knows what she is doing. The three of them head on and have encounters similar to that where Tabby really doesn’t know what she is doing until they get to one monster that looks huge and in the end they are unable to defeat. Back with Phyllo, Kuhn gets up about to leave saying nothing will change if he just stays here. Phyllo then says how it seems only the unusual people are showing up today as Tabby comes up to him with the three new players. She tells him how when she isn’t with Shino or Sakisaka, she can’t do anything. Phyllo says don’t worry about it, that there is a man here who is an expert who can teach them, looking at Kuhn. Kuhn takes the three of them out to the field to try and teach them various things, while learning about the small predicament the two brothers are in. Kuhn gets them to kind of overcome it and work together. Eventually they head back to the monster that killed them and Kuhn has the two brothers fight themselves, telling Tabby to stay out of it. After again finally getting the brothers to overcome their squabble, they work together and then he and Tabby jump in and defeat it. After it is all over, Tabby is talking with Phyllo. Phyllo asks her what she is going to do and she says she doesn’t know, but she wants to stay in the world a bit longer. Phyllo hands Tabby her guild card and says she dropped this. He kind of hints that that kind of moment would be when this would come in handy. Tabby gladly accepts it back.moreless

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