Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 1:30 AM Jun 29, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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We start off with Shino and Haseo at the waterfall talking. Shino says how she can’t contact him via phone and they get to talking and Haseo asks for her phone number. Shino tells it to him and he gives her his. We then see Tabby and Sakisaka sitting alone together thinking of what they should do. Tabby says that they should create a guild now that the Twilight Brigade is disbanded. We then see Yata in Pai. Pai tells Yata they she hasn’t been able to find a trace of Ovan and Yata tells her to keep looking. As Tabby waits at their newly created guild for Sakisaka, Sakisaka is walking in the town and runs into an old friend. He tells Sakisaka that he should hurry and quit, he is doing so today. Sakisaka tells him he will. Haseo and Shino are walking together when they see some plants for sale. Shino mentions how she likes them but there is no place for her to put them. In real life too, when she gets a bigger house she wants to buy a tree like this since she has no room in the small house she lives in now by herself. Haseo says if she gets a house, he will buy her one of the trees as a present and Shino says he said the same thing Ovan did. At Sakisaka and Tabby’s guild home, Sakisaka arrives and tells Tabby that he is going to quit. He says there is too many bad memories of the Brigade here and his friends are playing anew game that he is going to join with them. He tells Tabby she should too but she says she can’t, Shino is still here and all. Haseo and Shino are together and they stop and Shino tells her that when she answered Haseo’s question before about what Ovan was to her, she lied. She says that she admired him, that he was able to give people a place to exist such as the guild and she hopes to be like him one day. Haseo says she has, because of her he has a place to exist, which seems to move her. Sometime later, we see Shino talking with Phyllo. She tells Phyllo that if she ever disappears, to take care of Haseo. Phyllo says Shino disappeared, Haseo would commit suicide. He says he is half kidding though, but if Shino disappeared Haseo would certainly drastically change. (Holy shit a little heavy on the foreshadowing) Meanwhile, Tabby runs into Haseo and tells him she has something to talk to him about. She tells him that Sakisaka is quitting and she is thinking of doing the same. Haseo says he won’t stop her, and asks if Shino tried to stop her if she would stay. She says probably. Haseo goes off for some training by himself, beating hard monsters in some area when a group of people approach him. They say he is that guy from before and they flash to the first episode when Haseo was attacked and almost killed by two Player Killers but saved by Ovan. They ready their swords to fight and Haseo says bring it on. Meanwhile, we see TriEdge traveling in some black area with a green grid. He arrives at a tangled messed up part and holds out his hand and a bracelet around his wrist glows and it is fixed. Meanwhile, Tabby is talking to Shino and she tells her of the situation with Sakisaka. All of a sudden there is a huge power surge and things get really messed up. Shino just looks shocked like she knows something and then turns with a smile to Tabby and says she has to go, she is being called and runs off to the cathedral. Haseo is fighting the Player Killers and is easily kicking their ass. We then see Shino at the cathedral and TriEdge teleporting in, walking towards the cathedral. Haseo defeats all the Player Killers and gets a call from Tabby saying that Shino went to the cathedral. He chases after her wondering why she went there. Haseo runs to the cathedral and when he opens the doors he sees Shino falling as she had just been killed. She falls to the floor and Haseo runs up to her and tries to heal her but nothing works. All of a sudden beams of data start flooding off her and she starts to disappear. Haseo tries to call her but cant connect and we see TriEdge standing behind him as he holds Shino but he just runs away and walks away without Haseo even seeing him. He holds her helplessly as she disappears completely and we see a TriEdged symbol on the pedestal like the symbol in all the lost grounds. Finally, we see Tabby and Phyllo talking. Tabby tells Phyllo to give Haseo a message that she is quitting, he asks why she can’t do it and she says she can’t tell her rival that she is quitting because Shino has disappeared. Finally, we just see the view of someone’s cramped apartment from their eyes as they lie on the floor, seeing a game controller as they close their eyes and don’t open them.moreless

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