Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 1:30 AM Jul 05, 2006 on TV Tokyo
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We start off seeing Tabby looking sad in front of the altar in the cathedral, having placed flowers there. We see her talking to Phyllo. Phyllo says how she said she was going to quit but Tabby says how she just can’t seem to given the situation. Phyllo says that she should talk to Haseo now; she is the only one who can be by his side now. Haseo is by himself at the waterfall area, looking extremely sad just remembering about Shino. He yells Ovan, and yells what are you doing at a time like this. Meanwhile, Yata and Pai are monitoring things, in particular Tabby and Haseo. They talk about the data they got from Ovan and how it seems like there is something possessing his data. We then see Ovan standing in a field. He walks towards the gate and teleports out and a second later Phyllo teleports in. Phyllo just sits under a tree looking at the surroundings when all of a sudden things get dark and then TriEdge appears. Phyllo pulls out his staff and TriEdge rushes after him attacking him. All Phyllo can do is block and he is pinned up against a tree as TriEdge stares down at him. At the cathedral, Haseo is standing there just looking at the altar. Tabby comes up behind him saying she was looking everywhere for him. Tabby asks him if this is really where Shino was killed. He says yes and just walks away looking depressed. Tabby tries to talk to him but he says he has a phone call. He answers it and says Shino? Tabby kind of wonders what’s going on and Haseo immediately teleports out. Tabby heads back to town and sees Phyllo sitting by the riverside. Tabby says he looks different. He says how if that is really TriEdge, they don’t stand a chance and Tabby just asks in confusion if Phyllo has met him. Meanwhile we see Pai waiting in a dungeon saying he is late. Someone arrives and says its you right. Pai asks if he has accepted her proposal. The girl character says he has, but likes this new body and doesn’t want to go back tot eh secret service. Pai says that TaN is gone so there is nothing to worry about. (This new person obviously being Tawaraya) Pai just heads back and when she gets to town Saburou, the person she was just talking to who used to be Tawaraya, teleports in. They talk in an ally and Pai says they should have talked in secret when they had the chance but Saburou says since he is no longer in TaN she doesn’t want to be secret. (God I hate using pronouns for gender switches, its Kashimashi all over again) Saburou asks about TriEdge and asks if he is related and Pai says maybe. They talk about an event being held and asking if Pai has something to do with it. Pai just kind of gives a maybe answer. Haseo is talking with Phyllo, asking him about the rumors. Haseo asks about the rumor of TriEdge. Phyllo takes Haseo to the field in which he was attacked and tells him he was attacked by TriEdge. Haseo asks if that means he beat TriEdge but he says no, TriEdge let him go. He says that TriEdge didn’t’ view him as an enemy. Phyllo asks about Shino and Haseo says he got a call from her mom since his number was on the call history when he tried to call her after the incident. Haseo tells Phyllo that Shino in reality is in a comma and Phyllo kind of gasps. Haseo then looks around and asks why TriEdge came to this field, for that reason why did Phyllo. Phyllo says this is where Ovan and Shino met. Haseo then goes to the cathedral and just stares at the altar. He remembers being told by Ovan a long time ago to become stronger. He then goes crazy, just attacking the pedestal and then the floor.moreless

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