Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Unknown Aug 23, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Episode 26 is great.

    Mimiru is talking about how her mentors tryed to create a ultamite character and she talking about how she came to be stronger character she had 2 characters in the world they say in the sumary that
    the three girls didint continue after that. And how she turned into crystal it was great.
  • Two words: Total redemption. And a fight scene, to boot!

    Total redemption? Yes, this episode was excellent enough to, in my mind, redeem .hack//SIGN after the sub-par prime examples of monotony called "Net Slum" and "The Eve". Alright, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but I sure loved "Catastrophe". The characters interacted wonderfully, the plot moved along swiftly, and the fight scene and attack sequences were absolutely marvelous. Sora was funny, Crim was witty, BT was cynical, I was muchly impressed. I can't wait for the next episode!
  • Tsukasa and the others confront the evil forces that bind him to the game, while Macha (Maha) finds that her own charade with Tsukasa has ignited something inside, something that will lead her to do something drastic, if not heroic.

    This episode is by far my favorite episode of the series. It is a bit more action paced than the other episodes, having the first true group battle sequence, but down to the core, but that is not why I like it, rather, it\'s all about Macha for me. Macha was intially created as a program to gather data on love to be feed into the sleeping Aura, to give her understanding of what it is to be human, but it came to pass that under Morganna\'s interference, Macha is turned into AI meant to seduce and decieve, plays as her puppet throughout the series, making Tsukasa feel safe, and provide him company. However, as they bonded, Macha becomes less and less able to do Morganna\'s bidding, showing utter remorse when she is sent out to attack Tsukasa\'s party with one of Morganna\'s guardians. Macha is now rather reclusive, she can no longer talk to Tsukasa, and she covets a piece of aromatic grass that he(she)gave her. Ultimately in this episode, we see Macha floating around the remains 0f the hidden glen where Aura once slept, torn by the circumstances, she seems to rebel, and later, when Morganna sends three guardians to attack Tsukasa\'s party, Macha appears and sacrifices herself by blocking the three attacks, ultimately data draining herself, yet causing the three guardians to dissapate, releaving Tsukasa and friends from battling anymore. This is the surprise in this episode, the heroic act of Macha, while it wasn\\\'t not obvious that she was contracting some remorse and resentment, the suddeness of her death is quite shocking, yet appropriate. It is a well done episode and for people who like the character can find it rather upseting. However, I find it is better in Japanese with subtitles as the dubbing makes it less dramatic.
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