Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Unknown Aug 23, 2003 on Cartoon Network



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    • Bear: "In your chats with BT, she ever tell you what I do? For a living I mean."

      Crim: "Don't think so.. That I'd remember. I'm not really interested in people's lives off line."

      Bear: "I see.. I suppose.. To tell you the truth, I don't really think much would even change if I told you... At least on the surface.. Things will just, remain."

      Crim: "Scary thought."

      Bear: "Is it scary?"

      Crim: "Nothing changes on the surface you say, but inevitably, below the surface, something is changing while no one knows about it... That notion is scary."

    • Crim: "When you're toe to toe in battle, and your stats are the same as your opponent, who do you think will win huh? The one with passion."
      Sora: "You're so old school!"

    • Tsukasa "Mimiru, can you hear me?"
      Mimiru "Yeah what it it?"
      Tsukasa "I'm getting out of here with Subaru, can you cover us?"
      Mimiru "Roger that!"
      (They run and then Tsukasa turns around.)
      Tsukasa "This... This can't be."

    • (Subaru and Tsukasa are escaping.)
      (Guardian attacks Subaru)
      Silver Knight "My Lady!"
      (Data Drain Silver Knight)
      Bear "Silver Knight!!!"
      BT "Are you all right?"
      Silver Knight "Recover me."
      BT "If you can talk, then you're fine."
      Silver Knight " You are not a kind person."
      BT "Oh, I am kind, but I'm not a pushover."
      Silver Knight "It sounds to me like someone has said that to you before."
      (BT shrugs and continues fighting.)

    • Sora "Yeahhh!"
      Crim "Come on, Sora."
      Sora "Not now I don't have time for an idiot, come on thats what you were thinking wasn't it, be honest."
      Crim "It wasn't idiot, it was total idiot."
      Silver Knight "Crim, Crim!"
      Crim "BT, you go."
      BT "OK, i'll let you take care of the total idiot."

    • Subaru "Tsukasa, lets get out of here. If we stay here that thing will get us for sure."
      Tsukasa "But what will we do outside?"
      Subaru "Whatever we want to do, it's all about our choices!"

    • Tsukasa "Subaru, you might want to stand behind me."
      (She Gasps at Tsukasa.)
      Tsukasa "Leave the healing to me.. just be ready for it!"
      BT " All right I'm going in, just get keep the healing coming."
      Bear "We'll finish it off with physical attacks."
      Mimiru "Got it!"
      Bear "BT ignore how much SP you have."
      BT "You can count on it."

    • Sora: Taduuuum! Hey, Crim, let's settle this once and for all.

    • Crim: If you can get that wrapped up in it, this really is the best game ever.

    • Sora: (putting his blades to BT's neck) Ta da!
      BT: Isn't it past your bedtime?

    • Sora:"Y-You're so old school!"

    • Sora (to Crim): "While you're wasting time up here with me...you're friends are being worked over inside!"

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