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  • Season 1
    • GIFT
      Episode 29

      Helba has prepared a special hot springs for the .hack characters so they could get some rest and relaxation. Kite, Elk, Tsukasa, Mimiru and many other characters from the series make an appearance in The World for this reward. There is only one small catch, Helba will not reveal the exact location of where the springs are located. It soon becomes a race between the cast of .hack//SIGN and the characters from the game to see who can find it first. However, this is a catch, while everyone is trying to find the springs, someone is going around killing the other characters. Who will make it to the springs first and who is behind the deaths of many of the other characters?

      This one-of-a-kind episode was comically draw using triangles to signify that it has absolutely no value in the series or storyline and was created purely to make you laugh... and it does!

    • Unison
      Episode 28
      It's after the end of .hack//QUARANTINE, and Kite is working with Orca and Balmung to finish off all the remaining traces of Morganna. Helba calls the cast of the games and .hack//SIGN together to Net Slum, and there they celebrate for the restoration of The World.
    • Evidence
      Episode 27
      This is mainly a recap episode. It goes through the main events of episodes 1, 5, 6, and 14, with a focus on Tsukasa and Subaru. The only new footage is more of Subaru's reaction to Tsukasa's "death" at the end of the episode.
    • Intermezzo
      Episode 26
      This episode is a long flashback that tells the tale of Mimiru's mentor, an amazingly powerful character controled by 3 high school girls with the intention of working together to create a extremely powerful character before their graduation, and they pretty much suceed. The novice forms of Mimiru and Bear barely survive in an overpowering dungeon until she comes along, taking out the opposition in a single blow. Mimiru accompanies this Gardenia look-a-like to the bottom floor of the dungeon where they are faced by a supposedly invincible enemy, so to protect Mimiru, she uses a skill that crystallises her character but guarantees the enemies death. Mimiru goes to the bottom level of this dungeon with Bear once again to find her mentors form, still preserved perfectly, standing in the exact same position as when she used her fatal skill. This episode is a must-see in my opinon, despite not actually being involved with the true plot, as it explains Mimiru's motive and reason for playing the world.moreless
    • Return
      Episode 25
      The Finale! Tsukasa, Subaru and Mimiru are separated in a special field, and encounter alternate versions of each other. After realizing the trickery, they are transported to Morganna's realm where they find Aura. Despite Morganna's protests, Tsukasa wakes Aura and they escape to NetSlum, only to to trapped by Skeith. Helba, taking extreme measures, deletes the field, and Tsukasa is finally able to log out.moreless
    • Catastrophe
      Episode 24
      The players leave the Net Slum and separate for a bit, but meet up again in the Church and safeguard Subaru and Tsukasa. Sora is sent after them by Morgana and is given help by her to defeat them. A great battle ensues, and Tsukasa decides to fight back and not run anymore. Maha starts to disobey Morgana, and is hit by one of her creations. Subaru, Tsukasa, and Mimiru are transported to an unknown destination.moreless
    • Net Slum
      Net Slum
      Episode 23
      The other players are in a new realm, a place where old and lost data is kept. Subaru's waiting pays off and Tsukasa finally appears and they go through the gate. Our players learn a lot from Helba, and start to formulate a plan on what to do next. Subaru and Tsukasa bond more, and learn more about each other. They figure out that the enemy is after Subaru and they need to protect her, a battle ensues. Tsukasa makes the decision that the does want to log out.moreless
    • The Eve
      The Eve
      Episode 22
      All the players are coming together to meet Helba, and go through her special gate, even Tsukasa. He meets up with Crim beforehand and is scared to go. The gate appears and one by one they go through- save Subaru who is determined for Tsukasa to show up.
    • Phantom
      Episode 21
      Bear, Mimiru and Subaru are planning on returning to the broken man and encounter another unbeatable monster, yet are saved by an old friend of Subaru's. We hear more of Morgana's intentions. Our hero's learn more from the broken man, and Tsukasa starts to show signs of coming to. Sora discovers the realm of Morgana and gains knowledge from her.moreless
    • Despair
      Episode 20
      The episode opens with Mimiru and Bear waiting in Dun Loireag for Subaru. Mimiru wonders why Subaru is late, and Bear says she is most likely looking for Tsukasa. Subaru arrives, and Bear asks if she was able to meet with Tsukasa. She responds that she hasn't been able to contact him and is worried it is her fault. Bear says that beating herself up won't do any good , and that they have to start looking for him. Subaru says she will look for him by herself. Mimiru says that they have all ready looked everywhere he could be. Subaru says they haven't looked where the sleeping girl (Aura) was. There is a brief flashback to when Tsukasa took Subaru there and Aura was missing. Mimiru says they need Tsukasa's power to get there. Subaru says she will use the message boards to try to find someone that knows something about the place. They all agree to search for Tsukasa. Subaru leaves to talk with B.T. , and Mimiru comments on how tired Subaru looks. Tsukasa is shown leaning against the bed. He is in some sort of trance and sits absolutely still. B.T., Sora and Silver Knight are discussing what to do about the Key of the Twilight. Sora says that the others have no plan, and that it is up to Tsukasa. B.T. says he is missing and that even Subaru can't contact him. At mention of Subaru, Silver Knight expresses interest. B.T. says he is worried about her. Sora says he is jealous, but Knight says that because Subaru has gotten involved with "an illegal player" she has lost her way and is playing outside the rules and that has him worried. B.T. says that is jealousy. Sora tells him to relax because Tsukasa is a girl. Knight is surprised. B.T. tells that they don't have definitive proof though. Knight asks if Subaru knows, and B.T. tells him probably not. She then goes to meet with Subaru. Then Sora starts to leave. When Knight asks where to, he says to investigate a rumor. B.T. and Subaru meet up. B.T. asks if Subaru has found anything, and she says no. Subaru asks B.T. the same with the same results. B.T. asks what the big deal is since it's only a game. Subaru says Tsukasa is the only thing she likes about the world anymore. B.T. almost tells her that Tsukasa is a girl in real life, but stops. Subaru leaves, and B.T. realizes that, to Subaru, it is more than a game. Then it goes to Crim fighting an infected, unbeatable monster (data bug). Tsukasa is shown again, this time he his rubbing his hands in the grass. Macha appears and looks at him with a concerned face. Then Crim and Bear are discussing what to do about the Key of the Twilight. Bear says he is worried about Subaru, but Crim tells him she'll be okay. They then discuss the new invincible data bugs. Now Sora and Silver Knight are walking through a field at night. Sora tells knight he is going to investigate the rumor of the data bugs. Now it is back to Tsukasa, who picks up a twig, and hands it to a very worried Macha. Tsukasa doesn't appear any better. It goes back to Crim and Bear as they agree to investigate the invincible monster. Crim also tells Bear to tell Subaru that if she gets in trouble, she can use the "spell". (See episode "Recollection") Then Sora meets a party in a field. He cuts down two members, then tells the third to tell him about the data bug. Mimiru, Bear and Subaru meet in the church. Bear gives Crim's message, then says they must visit the broken man again. There is brief flashback to their first encounter with him. He says the man looks just like Harold Horwick, creator of "The World" prototype, "Fragment". Bear says he holds the solution. Mimiru asks how they can get there again since it fell apart the last time they went. Bear said there must be a copy of him on each server. They wonder where to find the man again, and Bear says Helba could help. Bear says they will contact her through the message boards. Then it shows Aura hanging upside-down under a swirling portal (not gate). Macha looks on and appears frightened. Then the voice asks her what is it, and says that there is nothing to worry about, that only Macha, the girl and she are there. Macha asks about Tsukasa, and the voice tells him to forget about him because they don't need him anymore. Macha is scared, and the voice says that a whole new world will come, where the three of them (Macha, Voice Girl) can live together peacefully. (Macha is right to be frightened, since the voice made the same promise to Tsukasa, and look what happened to him. Tsukasa, whose status is unchanged is flicking an eye of the stuffed bear near the bed where Aura was with his thumb. The eye comes off come off, and he begins flicking the other one. He never looks down at the bear, and stares straight ahead. It closes with Bear standing in a fire dungeon. He says posting on the message boards wasn't such a bad idea, and he turns to face Helba standing behind him.moreless
    • Tempest
      Episode 19
      First, Tsukasa takes Subaru to the place where the sleeping girl lays, only to find she isn't there. Then, Bear decides that the "Key of the Twilight" issue should be resolved. He calls BT, Crim, Subaru and Mimiru together to discuss what they should do. Meanwhile, Sora and BT are forming an alliance to find the Key first, apparently for selfish reasons. They enlist the help of Silver Knight, but only intend to use him as a pawn. They are probably after the forces that still follow him. Their plan is to take all the information BT will obtain from "Bear's Party", and then use it to try to get to the key first. Their logic is that they can move faster than Bear and co. Tsukasa returns to where the sleeping girl was. Suddenly he is picked up and held over the bed. He appears to be in pain. He asks if he is being punished for bringing Subaru, and a voice answers yes. He is raised over the bed, then a sort of explosion, then implosion occurs with Tsukasa as the epicenter. Then in a scene reminiscent of the intro, his clothes and chunks of his body seem to be torn away. When it is down, he is set down on the bed.moreless
    • Recollection
      Episode 18
      We learn about the past of Subaru and how she founded the Scarlet Knights. Later, Subaru is wandering the world and word of her disbanding the Knights has spread. She is attacked by another character, and comes to find Tsukasa badly beaten. They bond even closer and we see a glimpse of the real life Subaru.moreless
    • Declaration
      Episode 17
      Silver Knight and the other Crimson Knights want to go after Sora, for being a player killer. Subaru is against it saying that is not the purpose of the Crimson Knights. They go back and forth about the purpose of the Knights, and finally Silver Knight tells Subaru he had contacted the system admids and they wrote back to Subaru. After rethinking a lot of what the Knights have become Subaru decides to disband them.moreless
    • Conflict
      Episode 16
      BT is wandering around the world looking for someone to rely on but can't find anybody. She goes to Crim to see if he would like to meet in the real world, but he turns her down. BT later gets called by Subaru, but instead of helping Subaru out, BT ends up insulting and putting her down. BT later goes with these two guys on a treasure hunt, but it turns out they tricked her and only want to kill her for her experience. BT ends up getting saved by Tsukasa, and Tsukasa and BT end up bonding with each other.moreless
    • Depth
      Episode 15
      Tsukasa suffering from his attack awakes in Aura's domain, he seems to be fine and learns he cannot die in this place, but will come back. The other players know not of what happened to Tsukasa, but want to find him. Tsukasa meets up with Subaru and they have a small talk where she reassured him of his situation. Mimiru recalls Tsukasa's reaction to something the broken man said and wants to find him to know what.moreless
    • Castle
      Episode 14
      After opening the Eye, BT and Crim find a hidden area and begin their search for the key. Bear, Mimiru and Tsukasa arrive too. They find not the Key, but a fragmented AI version of "Harald Hoerwick". After speaking to him the place begins to break apart and Morganna attacks Tsukasa.moreless
    • Twilight Eye
      Twilight Eye
      Episode 13
      Everyone is getting anxious about finding the Key of the Twilight and with Tsuaksa gradually becoming more involved in wanting to log out of the world, they feel that now is the best time to act. However no one knows exactly where to go. However Sora mentions that he is able to contact the great hacker Helba. After contacting Helba, he says that she wishes to talk to Bear and that he wishes to meet him. Bear sets off to the dungeon described by Helba and when Bear gets to the bottom dungeon, Helba teleports in and relays the message that she might be able to help find the key of the twilight. After their visit, Bear, Mimiru, and Tsuaksa get ready to head to find the Key of the Twilight, however, it seems that Crim and BT are also heading off on the same adventure. At the church where Tsukasa often hides out, and Crim are talking. Crim wonders how they can open the Twilight Eye. BT smiles and then proceeds to use her magic on the field. As she casts the spell, the clouds part and the lake below is revealed to a path where a bridge has appeared. In this new area, a red chaos gate appears and BT then proceeds to tell Crim that the Twilight Eye is now open.moreless
    • Entanglement
      Episode 12
      The episode starts out in the real world with a man standing over the coma victim debating whether or not the plug should be pulled on life support. In the game, Mimiru talks to Tsukasa about how she wishes she could trade items in The World for real world items. Shen proceeds to talk about a handbag that she would like to get from Shimakita and Tsukasa inquires if it was the store at the southern exit? Mimiru is a bit surprised and asks him if he is from Tokyo. In Tsukasa's secret place, large thorny vines entangle Aura. As he tries to free Aura, the vines tighten their hold around her. It seems the harder he tries to free Aura, the thicker the vines grow back. The mysterious voice asks Tsukas if he knows the story of the Little Mermaid. He then realizes that as long as he stays there, Aura will be fine. However if he leaves the world, Aura may be hurt.moreless
    • Party
      Episode 11
      Bear, Mimiru, and Tsukasa form a party in an attempt to complete a rare item quest. During the adventure, Tsukasa starts to get closer to Bear and Mimiru and eventually he learns to not rely on his guardian for protection but on his fellow party members.
    • Compensation
      Episode 10
      After denying his son money for a new car, Bear talks to B.T. and she suggestions that the reason he is so protective of Mimiru and of Tsukasa in "The World" is because he feels that he isn't being a good father. By looking out for them, he is providing the fatherly role which he can't provide to his own son. Meanwhile, Subaru tells Silver Knight to contact her immediately if anybody wants to talk to her. Silver Knight agrees, but when Tsukasa wants to contact Subaru, Silver Knight tells him that she doesn't want to see him. Not much later we see Tsukasa sulking on the Bridge in Mac Anu. When Subaru seems him, she leaves the boat and tries to get closer, Tsukasa teleports away before Subaru could ever reach her and she returns to her boat with a saddened look on her face. All the while, BT and Crim continue to search for clues regarding The Key of the Twilight.moreless
    • Epitaph
      Episode 9
      A girl meets Tsukasa and tells him that she will be out of town for a little while and that she would like him to help take care of her Grunty. While taking care of the Grunty it eventually becomes sick and the only cure is a hard to find purple cherry. While Tsukasa is searching for the cherry all the other characters are discussing the Key of the Twilight. Sora mentions that he may know someone that might be able to help them in their search...the great hacker Helba.moreless
    • Promise
      Episode 8
      Mimiru determined to meet with Tsukasa, sends him an email stating that she will wait for him in Dun Loreig. As she waits she is confident that he will show up. Even when Sora appears to help her pass the time.
    • Reason
      Episode 7
      Mimiru meets up with a new character named A-20 who pushes Mimiru to her limits. While exploring a dungeon with A-20, Mimiru looks for a reason to stay in touch with Tsukasa even though the two of them had a fight.
    • Encounter
      Episode 6
      Tsukasa has been captured by the Crimson Knights. Subaru listens to his story about just how real the game and The World have become to him and she takes pity. She decides to release him, but Sora arrives to "rescue" him before she can do so.
    • Captured
      Episode 5
      Tsukasa has gone into hiding from the Crimson Knights who are out to capture him and his rogue guardian. Tsukasa slowly learns how to control his guardian but Sora and Silver Knight hatch a plan to lure him out so the Crimson Knights are able to capture him.
    • Wanted
      Episode 4
      Tsukasa's guardian is out of control and has been attacking other characters. Subaru gives the order to make him wanted across all the game servers - she needs to talk to him before it's too late.
    • Folklore
      Episode 3
      BT and Sora come to the conclusion that Tsukasa is related to a legendary item known as the Key of the Twilight. Mimiru tells everyone that Tsukasa may be a victim of the system as another character was able to take control of Tsukasa's guardian.
    • Guardian
      Episode 2
      Mimiru and Bear are worried as Tsukasa is unable to logout of the game. The Crimson Knights look upon Tsukasa as an illegal character and are out to capture him. He arranges to meet with Mimiru and Bear to show them his guardian monster.
    • Role Play
      Role Play
      Episode 1
      Tsukasa wakes and finds himself in The World, an online game. He can't recall who he is and doesn't know why he is in The World, but he soon finds that he is trapped and attempts to look for a way out.