Season 1 Episode 23

Net Slum

Aired Unknown Aug 16, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Despite my love for this series, this episode just seemed to drag on.

    I have to admit, I was less than impressed with "Net Slum". It seemed rather monotonous; just more "Tsukasa can't log out!" "We must learn more about Aura!" and the such. Honestly, I can scarcely remember the plot of the episode. I think my least favourite part of the entire episode was the return of the echo effect, this time with Sora; anyone who's read my previous reviews knows how I feel about that awful echo. However, when I realized that the guardians sounded exactly like whales, my reaction was this: -_-; Well, I just realized how cruel I'm being to "Net Slum". I mean, it wasn't all bad; a sub-par episode of .hack//SIGN is still better than an exceptional episode of anything else!