Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Unknown Aug 30, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Epic. I loved it.

    I started this anime three days ago and finally finished it quickly. (Internet's kinda fast) I loved it when I finished the first episode and continued.

    .hack is actually not that much action. Some episodes are just maybe 5-7 people talking to each other about life, The World, or something. But actually the script is very good.

    In the world where 1 is 2, 5 is 5, and 8 is 7, what appears when you multiply 331 and 3 without heaven and earth?

    Anyways, this episode was simply marvelous. The part where Aura wakes up was very nice, and I personally didn't love Sora, but I know he didn't deserve THAT.

    And the ending. Subaru meets Tsukasa in real life. It looked so sweet, but what was that about when they were about to hold hands? ........loved that.

    Anyway, this anime is hardly understandable, and I like dark, evil anime like this. I'd recommend it to people like me.

    And I cried when Macha died. :( That weed Tsukasa gave to him that he kept all this time and he still had it..... it's what made it so sad..... *cry* (or was that in the previous episode? Forgot.....)
  • A prequel to the beginning.

    In this episode, more questions are asked, but only a teaspoon of answers are supplied.
    Subaru makes a wonderful come back in this episode, as she delivers a monologue that would have all your previous hate for this character melt away. Sora, whom was being set up to receive his end of karma. Just when you think he's turns to the right side, that glimpse is taken aback with a depressing notion.
    This is not an entire project, just the prequel to end. Instead of asking the local questions, questions that you would never have thought an anime could provide are asked. Though answers are sparse, and located within either the games or another anime, you'll find yourself glad that you had witness the stone in motion. And that stone doesn't look like it'll be slowing down any time soon!
  • The last episode of .hack//SIGN. Good or bad?

    This is the episode I have been waiting for now for over a year. The finale to .hack//SIGN. Now the first time I watched this episode I was disappointed and confused. I wanted all of the answers from the begging of the show throughout to be answered. The ending though gives the answer to the man question of weather or not Tsucasa will ever log out or be able to. The final episode gives a sound ending that can seem not to good to some but with all of the sub-plots in this convoluted story, its easy to forget why you watched this show in the first place. In the end Tsucasa makes it out and meets Subaru in the real world and they become friends which is a fine answer for me. In the end .hack//SIGN proved to me to be a great show overall and it had a great ending too. Well done to this imaginative and unique series. Bravo!