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  • Yes I know I'm late but I feel I should give this a review.

    What I honestly think of this anime is that it was alright I remember seeing this anime when I was much younger and the anime was so confusing And difficult for me to understand I lost interest in it and didn't want to watch it. But now I Iearned this anime is quite good but takes while to understand.

    Music 8/10

    I gotta say this anime for years I've remembered the music of it even back when I was a kid excellent music.

    Plot 6/10

    Ok so the plot is pretty good the kid is trying to find a way to logout and his friends try to help him and overcome his challenges.

    Character design 7/10

    Pretty good character design and there were some you hated and some you didn't (I preferably didn't like the main character) and everybody had something interesting.

    My main reason for writing this review

    Ok so this anime is good but it comes down to this talking/action now if you love story (like me) you will like this anime however, if you like action (like me) you won't like this anime. Now this anime honestly has too much talking yes is talking needed? of course! you can't explain much with just constant fighting however, to me there is a limit to how much talking you can a action/RPG anime and you expect some type of action going on which there is very little. I'm all for story but if you can't put some action into it to make the characters actually look strong then to me it's kinda a waste to have them hold weapons. On top of that I don't recall people showing their levels (not saying this is reconmended) but it would be nice to know where they are at level wise overall I give this anime a 6.5/10

    I like this anime but I feel like too much talking is going to make it boring if this had more action in it guaranteed I would rewatch this more. You might dislike my review but I'm not trying to bash this anime it's good but if it feels like it's going to be action themed I'm hoping it has action in it to make it feel like its anime genre.

  • its a complicated anime which doesn't have much fighting in it if you want more fighting go play the games.

    Back when toonami ruled over cartoon network it was on at 11:00 most of the time. The shows basic plot was hard to understand until after the first 7 episodes. Most of the characters were on it full time. The most confusing part was the main characters gender. At the end they finally stated that Tsukasa is a girl. The final ep shows all the characters for the game that follows the show. I loved this show and wish they'll bring it back or make it a real online game someday. Kite BlackRose and Mistral are the main characters after Mimiru Tsukasa and Subaru are gone. They first appear in the 4 part videogame .hack//infection -.hack quarentine. Now adays you can't find the discs for a good price. They now also have the new series taking place 14 years after this show. .hack/roots and a video games that followed it is called .hack//g.u. vol. 1 rebirth the character designs were decent and the va's were ptretty good. I hated how they had special character types in the anime like archers wearwolfs that wern't in the games. the games are fun but sadly i think the series is done after how poorly gu did in sales.
  • The stepping stones to a dramatic project.

    Most people who have been introduced to the wonderful world of project .Hack// have started with this series. It is wonderful to start out with, a long with being informative. If you like high-action, and no talk, this isn't the anime for you. There is very little action, so those cursed without an attention span will see no real point to this.

    But those taking the chance to see a literate anime, won't know what hit them. Project .Hack is growing, and it doesn't look like it will stop any time soon. So the more .Hack// You consume, the more this project will climb it's ranks, and become a standard in your collection. .Hack//SIGN is a sloth compared to the others, but also one of the most memorable.
  • Nearly perfect in every way. A MUST-WATCH for all anime fans!

    This series is based around a fictional online gaming community called "The World." It begins by showing a male character named Tsukasa seemingly birthed into The World, with no memory of how he got there. Normal players can log in and out of the game as they please, as they are merely controlling a virtual character. Tsukasa however, cannot log out, and can feel, smell, and see everything in The World as if it is reality.

    Problems arise when the controlling organization of The World, "The Crimson Knights" have evidence that he associated with an illegal character; Tsukasa however, has no memory of this, so he has to constantly be running. However, in time he makes a web of friends that protect him, including a "being" that assures Tsukasa that "as long as you walk with me, I will protect you."

    Without giving anything major away, this sequence of events eventually leads to the search for a mystical item called "The Key of the Twilight", which is supposedly the end to everyone's problems...

    The artwork in this series is simply superb. There is an extreme attention to detail. You can tell exactly what a character is feeling just by their facial expression and gestures. Often characters will have a long, detailed conversation, but just as often, they will exchange gestures as they pass by. The Directing of each episode is equally as superb. During the aforementioned conversations, which can be up to 5 minutes at a time, the view is usually from a unique angle, and often it will be for symbolic purposes- when there is tension, it will be close, but when a relationship seems to be drifting apart, it will be far away.

    The music is composed by a Japanese female-fronted band called "See-saw". It is always used appropriately, and always fits the situation. You have to hear it for yourself to believe it.

    The character development is perfect- not too fast, and not too slow. A little bit is revealed about every main character in every episode, through what they say and do, and how they handle difficult situations. The voice acting for the characters, well, I'd say just by the voices that these people are all much better actors than 99% of American actors.

    Lastly, as the main focus of this is an online game, with real players in the real world, a very gritty black and white texture is used, and if anyone speaks it's in a stylized text, like a silent movie from the 1920's. Also, for flashbacks, a different graphical filter is used. It prevents any confusion. The scenes in the "real world" are rare, but when they are used, they are to show something very important. Often they are open for interpretation, then explained shortly after with a conversation in-game.

    The series is full of twists and turns, and keeps you interested until the end. Amazingly, the ending ties right back to the beginning, and while no loose ends are left, it is completely open to interpretation. A solid 9.7/10.
  • I feel like I wasted around 10 hour of my life watching this show... this anime doesnt present anything new, or at least new good stuff.

    Character design: 4.4/10
    Even if they all have a detalied design, none of them gives a shock or a highlight.

    Script/story: 2.4/10
    This anime has many issues in this side: •Despite of beign based on an action/RPG game where battles are the main part of all. This anime does everything to evoid a battle scene, but they came out with a battle in the last episodes
    •It has some details in how they play and everything, plus the limitations of the game.
    •The real ending isnt here, but in the game (SOLD separately)
    •The whole anime is more about chats among the characters.
    •The progress of the main story line is very slow, developing the characters isnt a good excuse because anyones presents something interesting.
    •It lacks of good twist in the story.

    Music/sound: 5.8/10
    Its good, sound effects and everything... maybe they just overused it sometimes or it just didnt fit with the scene.

    Anime: 3.2/10 - OVAs: 0.6 = 2.9/10
    The mixture of all this doesnt really work. For an anime with no violence despite of showing armed characters, almost no fan-service, little emotion and cliché characters; is an anime which force should be based on an amazing story, but not even the story is good nor the dialogues, and the OVAs are just a pain to watch.

    I cant recommend this, if you have interesnt in this anime you should get the game and skip this torture. If you have money and time to burn, make like this anime doesnt exist, there are many other good animes out there, than this is just a waste.
  • tsukasa is stuck in the world and his friends r trying to help him log out

    this is a fantastic anime that has a very creative style and story.never before have i seen an anime that was about people in a video game.i also thought this story was so creative because "the world" the video game was very well thought out and since i am a mmorpg player myself i could relate "the world" to the mmorpgs i play and it was very similar.also its gave a very great and deep story and very well thought out characters.i thnk everyone had a character they could relate to which is always very good for an anime.overall this is one of the best animes i have ever seen and its one of my favorites.
  • The show was complicated which is what made it interesting. I miss it and wish it was still on. I hope they add more of the old characters in their new games.

    Back when toonami ruled over cartoon network it was on at 11:00 most of the time. The shows basic plot was hard to understand until after the first 7 episodes. Most of the characters were on it full time. The mpst confusing part was the main characters gender. At the end they finally state that Tsukasa is a girl. The final ep shows all the characters for the game that follows the show. I loved this show and wish they'll bring it back or make it a real online game someday. Kite BlackRose and Mistral are the main characters after Mimiru Tsukasa and Subaru are gone. They first appear in the 4 part videogame .hack//infection -.hack quarentine. Now adays you can't find the discs for a good price. They now also have the new series taking place 14 years after this show. .hack/roots and a video games that followed it is called .hack//g.u. vol. 1 rebirth
  • I love the show. I loved how in the end that the young man that was traped in the game turned out to be a GIRL!! away i bought the game that was a spin off of the show. It was the medican i need to keep me going! Watch if you can, you will fall in love!

    I love the show. I loved how in the end that the young man that was traped in the game turned out to be a GIRL!! anyway i bought the game that was a spin off of the show. It was the medican i need to keep me going! Watch if you can, you will fall in love too! this show at time will make you upset and sometime you wont understand what is going on but all in all it is a good show. I realy loved the opeing song. thse show all in all was well made and because of it there have been great sucess in the world of .hack i am happy that i have controbuted to that!
  • .hack//SIGN is an alternate reality anime series that is surprisingly deep and convoluted, but it is a fun show and a very unique one at that.

    .hack//SIGN takes place in The World which is basically an MMORPG from the future. You follow the events of some of the players and one specifically is Tsucasa. He or she (Tsucasa is an androgynous character)is a character who can't log out of the game. He winds up gaining a guardian to protect him and as the show goes on its really about him in the real world and where he is and why he can't log out and how his friends in the game try to help him and find out whats wrong with him. .hack is really adventurous in its world design. There are many different areas in The World and they are all neat to see as the characters traverse them. The pace of .hack is rather slow and may seem boring to the action-freak but nonetheless if you listen closely and pay attention to the story, it will be one you wont soon forget. .hack is creative and deep anime series that you should check out.
  • the show begin with tsukasa who is trapped in the world, a virtual game, like a virtual RPG, however tsukasa's prblems amplitfy when he cannot leave the world

    i give this show a 9 because it is a show you can really get caught up in. A very good show, a little confusing if you see it for the first time, but you get the hang of it and like all good shows, it has great plot twists.
  • The characters are interesting and fun, and the plot is always evolving, leading to more questions and keeping you interested.

    Set in the future, .hack//sign is not an unbelievable reality. In this show, technology has advanced and RPG games are a lot more real... as Tsukasa discovers.

    The show revolves around Tsukasa and his inability to log out of the online RPG game known as "The World".

    Trapped in The World, Tsukasa meets many different characters including the young Mimiru and the older Bear, who are inevitably drawn into the mystery surrounding Tsukasa's real world presence. Other characters, such as the crafty BT and the childlike Sora serve to cause complications for our hereoes, and the soft spoken Subaru is sometimes unsure of where her duty lies.

    The wide variety of chracters and their personalities alone are enough to keep one interested. Also, the fact that our main character has no wish for friends at all is a nice twist that makes this show stand out amongst other similar shows of teamwork and friendship.

    The mystery revolving around Tsukasa develops over the episodes as we come to realise that another problem encompases The World itself. Soon, we are drawn deep inside the mystery and find our heads aching as we try to figure out what is going on.

    It's fun to watch the interaction between the different characters and how they behave in a fictional world. The World itself seems like a very exciting place, and has plenty of the usual monsters and dungeons to keep everyone happy.

    Although it does tend to get a little confusing towards the end of the show, where it almost feels like a bombardment of information all at once, there is still plenty of entertainment even if you don't grasp every thin strand of plot detail.

    It seems to me that this is one of those series that you learn more about every time you watch it again. Which works for me, because it is certainly a show I plan to watch again and again.
  • In the MMPORG game "The World", characters are realistically played. However, there seems to be a mysterious glitch that results in one character's search for the life that was forgotten.

    A bit of patience and appreciation for the art of the anime results in an overall satisfied feeling after watching this creative show. .hack//SIGN incorporates themes of existentialism, as Tsukasa, the main character, finds himself trapped in his fictional character. We feel his pain as he finds that everything that happens in "The World" feels real; when he dies painfully, however, he still "restarts" and finds himself alive. The anime introduces other characters who pity him and try to find a way for him to log out; the characters are the counter to the question "what is the meaning of life?", as they struggle with their actual real life problems, and the charitable feelings they give to Tsukasa. The ending is quite original, but leaves many questions unanswered (there are more than one .hack series, though...).
  • what a show!

    this is a realy good show about a "MMO" online game about a group of kids who can warp through diffrent worlds. i would reccomend this show to anyone age 14 or older for some violence and i can recall some language. i think they dont air the show anymore so if you want to watch it you have to buy the movies.
  • A slow, elegant and yet wonderful show, .Hack//Sign is the best of the .Hack//Series and yes it may go slow and yes it may leave you with more questions then it does answers but all together it is one of the best shows you can imagine!

    .Hack//Sign is one of my personal favorites that to me shall remain a timeless classic, I believe that in the upcoming future who knows what they will have and the storline is as solid as gold! They show the overall perspective of the main people in the series and all though its not action packed it goes real deep and it shows that having true friends and that they have people in a world that will help you if you need it is a great addition. I personally can\'t explain the anime to well but the best option is to see it for yourself while you can!
  • It's great, in-that it opened up this .hack world with so many questions still unanswered.

    All of .hack is extremely deep. Put simply, .hack is based around a ficticious MMO video game. Which in itself is based off of a ficticious epic poem, which not even most of the characters in all of .hack can seem to understand or decypher.

    This show however, is great. In-that it opened up this .hack world with so many questions still to be unanswered. At times I almost felt like the writers for .hack//SIGN were just screwing around and purposely making you watch the characters in the anime run around chasing false leads. Trying to unravel this daunting story and the confusion it generally leaves on the viewer.

    Still, if I had to say anything about .hack or what I would compare it to. It's like futuristic anime/soap opera. So much drama, even for an anime, haha.

    If you like animes that make you think, or just strip you of your third-party (spectator) mentality while experiencing these kinds of misteries. You're sure to like this, of that I promise. An if not, I'm sure someday people will look back at .hack and probably unravel it all quite quickly.

    This show is undoubtedly ahead of it's time.
  • Love it or loathe it you decide. If you loathe it subtract 5 points off my score

    Loving it or Loathing can be a simple way of describing this anime. Unlike it\'s setting of the game world it\'s hardly feels like a game. This is not a action-packed anime with pointless fighting, but mostly deals with ambigous/deep dialogue. This very fact makes the anime the best thing you will ever see or a waste of time.

    The characters make the show and it feature various one of them. You are not bound to like one characters as each characters are problemetic in their own way. Luckly the character problems aren\'t used as a plot device (except for Tsukasa), but a chance to better grasp what each of them feel. The character\'s ambiguety might turn off people who are expecting a straight foward anime. You\'ll like and hate atleast one character.

    The setting being inside a game doesn\'t degrade the sense of urgency. Ironically the game setting is where everything is so illuminated while providing a sense of tension. Character dropping to 0HP is more shocking and moving than the grim flashbacks of reality.

    Graphically it doesn\'t do anything bold or extordinary, but it has beautiful backgrounds and the characters while simple in design have wonderful personality to them. the animation is fluid and the colors are vibrant yet calming.

    The sound is top notch. None of the voices sound forced and while it\'s barraged by numerous dialogue ambient background musics still reach the ears. The musics are all almost written in english and it will feel comfortable for the english viewers.

    My only gripes with this are that the plot becomes bit rushed in the end and not every matter feels truly resolved (maybe it\'s one of those life goes on type of things) This might be also the redeeming factors for many viewers because it really feels tense.

    inshort this anime depends on taste.
  • The World is the next big online game.

    .hack//Sign is the best show ever to air on television. It's original,intresting, and the animation is just wonderful. The story is about a game called the world which players fight monsters, chat, and fight each other. But the weirdest thing happened a wave master who has special abilities is litterally stuck in the game so other players get intrested and try to help him get out. The show shows the characters fighting these monsters in caves, duengons, and castles. They also expirience strange encounterments in the world like random NPCs. This is the best show that ever aired on TV this is a must see!
  • A role-playing-game brought to life, and great story!

    This show was so good, I didn't want to miss a single episode of it. It was great how all the plots came together. The action, animation, design, and story were all great. Even if you didn't get it sometimes towards the end of the epi. it made sense later. If anyone saw it in it's prime, they would just live it. To end this, this show deserves a flying through the sky 10.
  • It's an animated internet game :D

    Well, .hack was a very interesting case. For me, they put it on tv at the wrong time, I mean it was bad enough when Cartoon Network got the green/white robot touting SVES running up to replace their popular Adult Swim Action weekend block, but they did manage to get good anime on their like Ruroken so it really doesn't faze me. The problem is that .hack is very difficult to understand at first and does not have the desirable amount of action for those who expect everything out of CN to be bloodshed and war. Solid overall. Nice music, but just a little too much butchering, I'd prefer the dvd versions.
  • In 2015, a company called CC Corps releases the final version of the world version 1. As the World gains popularity, many recent irregularities in the news as it relates to players in the world. This anime takes a look at a player inside the world

    Enter Tsukasa, a wavemaster profile for the character in \"the World\". He seems to function like every normal character, that is at first. But tsukasa is a character unlike any other person in the game-he doesn\'t play the game at the comfort of his console, he is living inside the game.

    dot hack//sign is definately one of those anime series of whether you love the anime, or you hate the anime. This primarily is due in part to the way the story is explained. If you are familiar with most Bee Train/ Victor entertainment titles, then you definately know that these anime definately have some sort of wild mystery attached. This anime does keep the original formula that bee train/ victor entertainment typically uses: a mystery that is unraveled as you watch the series.

    This format definately works for the series especially due in part to the nature of the anime. The viewer is literally thrown into an MMORPG almost as if they are a character themselves-not so much an objective viewer of what is going on in the series. This makes for a very realistic series, and fans literally begin to enjoy the characters of each series as they get involved on a more intimate level with each character.

    The story is unique, as this is the first anime to my knowledge to actually simulate the experience of a MMORPG. There have been several series that incorporate elements of an RPG, but never has a series fully announced that this is simulating an MMORPG experience. That in itself is revolutionary.

    Execution of the story is assisted fully by the lush art for the time. It\'s evident that a lot of money was put into this series as the viewer notices scenes from mac anu or the root town. The varying degree of colors and special attention to many elements of the series are a pleasing experience on the eyes. For the time (and even in the year 2006), the art is just really well done.

    The story is also executed wonderfully because of the soundtrack used. The music is probably some of the best I have heard in anime. Similar a style used in Cowboy Bebop, each and every single character has a sort of differing type of musical entrance depending on the character\'s mood. I thought that was a nice touch, especially since it motivates the dialogue and philosophy quite well.

    Character designs are also a bit of a treat. For once (and probably last-well .hack//roots, but that\'s yet to be determined as I haven\'t seen many characters) the male characters don\'t look stiff and generic. Bravo for finally designing the male characters with a lot more defining characteristics outside of the lame models used in Noir and Madlax. The female characters are always pleasing on the eyes, but this time, so are the males, which is a HUGE PLUS.

    The major complaint that most fans will attest to is that this show has very little action. It\'s very true, this anime has a lot of dialogue, that\'s no lie. However, it is because this series lacks action and is heavy on discussion and philosophy that makes it a very big gem for my anime collection. The very little action in the series is very significant and usually speaks to the audience philosophically.

    Right now, this is what I will say about .hack//sign. If you have an open mind about this series and are into a very good series with an immersive experience, watch this. Watch it 3 times if you must. This is a good series to watch. But if action is more your taste, stick to something like Naruto...
  • start - impressive as soon as the story is learned - lame lame lame

    Perhaps it was the songs that pleased me...no...it IS the songs the pleases me here...SEE-Saw is just wonderful

    The start of .hack-sign was interesting, drawing so much attention from me but the fact in how dull the story became was depressing. The characters are very impressive if look at ONE-BY-ONE but in general, they suck like rotten mangoes.

    Every character are always the same--the character progress wasn\'t even that impressive and noticeable. Character story and background is stupid also and likely unseen/unshown. They\'re all weak--Mary Sue anti\'s would have been happy but it\'s also disanppointing because the balance was completely ruined. I\'m talking about the general characters though--Sora, for one was great. He\'s not a Mary-Sue and weak or not, at least his story was shown and the character progress was reasonable unlike Tsukasa and the rest...disappointing

    The plot itself was too narrow. I first thought that there\'s going to be a lot of branches from the first episode because of the mystery but in the middle part, the progress was so slow that all they do is talk and talk and nothing much to do but talk, hear their conversation and then the animation worsens especially in the ending episodes. The plot by the way was choked, constricten because of the lacking branches.

    Imagine a growing tree that seems to hold a lot of mysteries when you soon grew bored watching it grow and then in the end, all you managed to see were few oridinary leaves growing out.

    That\'s it

    I don\'t blame the limited episodes

    I blame the lack of action done (and by action, I don\'t mean just battles or whatsoever) and the slow progress. Then in the end the plot is so narrow--too narrow. there\'s nothing much to see but ordinary green leaves.
  • I loved it even when I hated it...

    When I first watched this show I use to hate the majority of the dialog for the first DVD (I bought all of them) I got so bored of listening to them talked so I hated the show but two years later watched again and what they said I knew what meant so the show rocked! This show you need to be able to be able to understand the dialog to like the show. You have to have played games like this or be a an online fanatic lol to truly love the show to be able to feel what they feel to understand what they go through... This show rocked till the end and will always rock on in my heart lol
  • L.O.G.O.U.T.

    Did you know that if you line all the DVD's up together, the titles spell LOGOUT. i discovered this yesterday upon recieving the last volume. and since i bought it used i did not recieve the unison episode. can some one post a link to down load the episode on the computer
  • An Un-biased True Review

    I recently started watching the show after wanting nothing to do with the games existance.

    It's not a bad show despite what some reviews may say, if you're a MMORPG gamer, you can really appreciate this show.

    The storyline is a bit hard to conect into and for the 30 mins the show's on for, nothing really happends.

    Like all shows this has an up and down, I guess i'll have to try the game. But non the less, still a decent show.
  • I really don't have any idea why I love this show so much. It moves slowly, it takes forever to figure out what's going on, and the conversation takes on all the characteristics of an internet chatroom. Somehow, though, it strikes a chord within my game

    I really don't have any idea why I love this show the way I do. It moves slowly, it takes forever to figure out what's going on, and the only conversation is either trite internet babble or deep philosophical discussions. Somehow, though, it strikes a chord within my gamer's heart.

    When I watched the first episode, it took me a while to realize that they just plain weren't going to explain what was going on. Something about that fascinated me. I found myself oddly addicted to The World, even though some of the characters ticked me off...BT and Sora, for example. It is easy for me, as a long-time internet junkie, to understand how differently people communicate when they are online.

    I was satisfied by the ending, as well, even though it seemed abrupt, because it was obviously leading into something else - the games - that would tell the rest of the story. It was even more fun playing those games, and finally understanding so much more about The World. Being able to take an active part in the story of Tsukasa and Aura makes it all the more meaningful.

    I give .hack//SIGN 10 out of 10 because it makes me look at my world...the world of the internet...from a new perspective. I own the DVD set, all the games, and the soundtrack, because I just keep going back for more...
  • the CC Corporation released the first Multiplayer Online Role Playing game,called "The World"sells millions of copies.when that many are playing,things are bound to go wrong.A mysterious boy,who calls himself Tsukasa,appears. he is very mysterious,and he

    I think this is one of the best Animes, amongst many others. .hack//SIGN intrigued me, and actually made me wonder. Not to mention the occasional chill sent down my spine. While it may be confusing it beats most clichéd RPG-Based Anime'sand Fantsy base Anime out there. The cliff hangers leave you waiting and wanting more. Even though it doesn't have so much action in it I think it is great.
  • This show with the story of Tsukasa and friends while he tried to recover his past is wonderful.

    The story is one of my personal favorites, the story takes place in the near future, Tsukasa is a regular player just like everybody else, he then learns that he looses his memory and can't log out of the world. He then has to realise what is more important to him and where his true alliances lie... While trecking he meets several friends and it can get pretty dramatic. Battles take place and after all the events take place they attempt to find what will help Tsukasa log out and save the world... the key of the twighlight. After other events take place Tsukasa is able to log off and the player Bear takes him as his child (not revealing anything there). What will happend in detail? You will just have to watch the show.
  • An exciting RPG game were characters can log into a computer, and battle.

    If you like Role Playing type in anime, than this show is for you! I watched every episode that had aired on YTV, and still watching. I'm planning on downloading the whole series onto my computer. I wish there were more to this show, that would be great, and maybe they should have 3 seasons more to it!
  • This show almost made me want to quit with .hack all together!

    This show is plain horrible. Don't waste your money on the DVD's dont waste your time on the damn show! It has no action whatsoever. It is all talk. When you finally get hyped up for a fight and you "think" they are about to rumble and whip out the swords, they just switch the screen and show some other people talking while they fight is going down and you can't see it! Whats thge point of that!? Then they even have nerve to switch back and show the enemies destroyed and the heroes putting their weapons up. Like that is intresting! If you like shows that talk all the time and have no action but seem like it would be a good fighting show, then thisis the perfect show for you. I mean this show was horrible I thought it was going to be tight, hell I even taped it, but while I was taping it I had a hard time staying awake. This show is boring, should have never been made. I give it a 2/10.
  • Though it's not perfect, .hack//sign has one of the best storylines I've seen in an Anime.

    While most Anime's tend to focus heavily action, this anime focuses on it's compelling story. At the time I first started watching this anime, I was a big DBZ fanboy. I only loved watching fights. .hack//sign changed my opinion on how animes should be.

    .hack//sign focus on Tsukasa, a player in an online videogame titled 'The World'. One faithful day, she gets trapped inside the game. She forgets everything about her past, and is unable to log out. She even forgets that she is a girl. Tsukasa later on meets some friends, Bear and Mimiru. They then set out on a journey to help log Tsukasa out of the world and find the key of the twilight.

    The characaters in this anime are wonderful. This is one of the few shows where I like all the characters. They are all presented well. Each character has the ability to hold your attention.

    As I said before, I really loved the story for this anime. It was real romantic, but not in the sense of a man and a woman. You'll find your self cheering on Tsukasa, hoping she'll be able to log out in the end. You actually become emotionally attached to some of the characters. That's how deep it is.

    Even though I don't feel it's that important, the music was also good. The tone fit the theme of the scene perfectly. You found yourself humming the theme to the songs after the show goes off.

    This anime was definitely superb. It can easily change your views on how you see animes.
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