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  • I feel like I wasted around 10 hour of my life watching this show... this anime doesnt present anything new, or at least new good stuff.

    Character design: 4.4/10
    Even if they all have a detalied design, none of them gives a shock or a highlight.

    Script/story: 2.4/10
    This anime has many issues in this side: •Despite of beign based on an action/RPG game where battles are the main part of all. This anime does everything to evoid a battle scene, but they came out with a battle in the last episodes
    •It has some details in how they play and everything, plus the limitations of the game.
    •The real ending isnt here, but in the game (SOLD separately)
    •The whole anime is more about chats among the characters.
    •The progress of the main story line is very slow, developing the characters isnt a good excuse because anyones presents something interesting.
    •It lacks of good twist in the story.

    Music/sound: 5.8/10
    Its good, sound effects and everything... maybe they just overused it sometimes or it just didnt fit with the scene.

    Anime: 3.2/10 - OVAs: 0.6 = 2.9/10
    The mixture of all this doesnt really work. For an anime with no violence despite of showing armed characters, almost no fan-service, little emotion and cliché characters; is an anime which force should be based on an amazing story, but not even the story is good nor the dialogues, and the OVAs are just a pain to watch.

    I cant recommend this, if you have interesnt in this anime you should get the game and skip this torture. If you have money and time to burn, make like this anime doesnt exist, there are many other good animes out there, than this is just a waste.