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  • its a complicated anime which doesn't have much fighting in it if you want more fighting go play the games.

    Back when toonami ruled over cartoon network it was on at 11:00 most of the time. The shows basic plot was hard to understand until after the first 7 episodes. Most of the characters were on it full time. The most confusing part was the main characters gender. At the end they finally stated that Tsukasa is a girl. The final ep shows all the characters for the game that follows the show. I loved this show and wish they'll bring it back or make it a real online game someday. Kite BlackRose and Mistral are the main characters after Mimiru Tsukasa and Subaru are gone. They first appear in the 4 part videogame .hack//infection -.hack quarentine. Now adays you can't find the discs for a good price. They now also have the new series taking place 14 years after this show. .hack/roots and a video games that followed it is called .hack//g.u. vol. 1 rebirth the character designs were decent and the va's were ptretty good. I hated how they had special character types in the anime like archers wearwolfs that wern't in the games. the games are fun but sadly i think the series is done after how poorly gu did in sales.
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