Season 1 Episode 28


Aired Unknown Mar 16, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • This episode is pointless. Most likely was a cash-in on a sucessful series. It's a disgrace to the series; If you haven't seen this episode, do not watch it!

    This episode is about all the characters that have been introduced through episodes 1-25 meet up at a bar, drink virtual beer, then travel to Net Slum and dance stupidly to the theme song and fireworks. That's it. The only things of significance that happen are a conversation between Tsukasa and a character that was assumed to be dead, and a conversation with Helba and a character (who was never in any previous episode) about the value and future of Net Slum. The other things explored are: -The childishness of Sora, which was already blatantly shown in episode 25. -The relationships between Tsukasa, Mimiru, and Subara, and between Bear and BT, all of which have been completely solidified by the end of episode 25.

    With this in mind, it feels like an unnecessary second ending to the show. Whereas episode 25 had a fairly open ending, this ties the ending so tight that it strangles it. They even felt the need to write "END" in big letters at the end of the episode.