Season 1 Episode 28


Aired Unknown Mar 16, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The real world Tsukasa has a cell-phone charm in the likeness of Macha.

    • Helba originally refuses to allow the Net Slum become a root town, but in the .hack// G.U volume. 3, she allows it to become a temporary root town with little hesitation.

    • This is the only time that Aura is depicted as a young woman rather than a child-like girl in .hack// SIGN.

    • The aromatic grass is mia/maha's memory, the reason she collects them is because her instinct as an NPC is to collect them to remember stuff, thats why it showed the aromatic grass falling and then her breaking out in tears. and plus tsukasa could not have picked it up because when it fell he was teleported out of that place with subaru and mimiru

    • The item Tsukasa gives Mia is called Aromatic Grass. Thi s is the same item that Mia was collecting during the .hack games.

    • Mia and Maho are really the same character.

  • Quotes

    • Helba: Net-Slum is a place that is everywhere... Yet no where. It is the last place of it's kind here in The World which is why I wish for it to remain this way. Unchanged, and uncorrupted.

    • Helba: Not like you to be late, Lios.
      Lios: I have a proposal for you.
      Helba: What is it?
      Lios: It's about this place. I'm prepared to transform Net-Slum into a legitimate. It's the least I can.
      Helba: Thanks, but it's the thought that counts.

    • Balmung: "This shindig looks the bombdiggity!"
      Kite: "What did you say?!"

    • Mia: *teardrops*But...I don't even know you...*to Tsukasa looking at the small plant*

    • Mimiru (to BlackRose): "Hmm, are you still copying me?"

  • Notes

    • When Tsukasa turns the corner-meeting Sora-His eyes are first purple, than turn to a slate gray. When the two are running back to the crowd, they are an amber color.

    • This episode has characters refer to Kite by his name. This was constantly avoided in the PS2 games due to the game giving you the option of changing his username.

    • Kite, Orca, Lios, Balmung, Elk, Mia, BlackRose, and everyone from .hack//GAME is in this ep.

    • This episode can be viewed on a special DVD which comes with .hack//sign Volume 6 Terminus Special Edition.

    • This remains unaired to prevent bootleggers from selling "complete" box sets of the series.

  • Allusions

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