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  • Meeting Chico "Spencer" Berry in Philly

    I loved this show so much, I even got the opportunity to meet Spencer when he stayed at the Embassy Suites on the Parkway in even checked him in. He is so handsome and such a Gentleman.
  • I love them all

    I love, love, love, love this show! Very rarely have I enjoyed a show where I truly love every character! They each have their own quirky little ways, and collaboratively they are hilarious.
  • Funny and independent!

    Each role is extreme and different, the scenes are random so you can't really expect what's going to happen next until you watch, and the show itself is something fresh to the table of tv. That's why I watched! A great comedy...
  • Great show, not the same old family routine.

    I didn't get hooked on this show until the past year. Our local CBS station runs it at 2am. I started watching it when I was up that late. (I am a night person). I was hooked and watch it every night. It is well written and the actors are spot on.

    The first time through, I was waiting to see who Mona chose, and thought I must of missed one. Later I realized that it had been the last show. How dare they leave us hanging. I thought maybe she finally saw it light as was calling Spencer. It would have been a great ending, they should have taped one.

    I now have my husband hooked on the show. We are also watching the new show from the movie "Are We There Yet?". It stars Essence Atkins (Dee Dee) with Terry Crews(Everybody Hates Chris) with Telma Hopkins (Phyllis) playing his mother. It has been renewed for the fall. It started slow but has great potential.
  • Talented group of comedic actors!

    I just discovered this show a year after it stopped airing. I didn't have UPN, so I never even knew about it. I now watch it on a local FOX station, and I absolutely love it! I love all of the characters, especially Mona, Adam, and Big Dee Dee. Spencer is so cute and funny! I can't believe I missed out on such a great show for almost four years! If there are episodes available on DVD to purchase I would love to buy a box set containing each and every episode, because I haven't had the pleasure to see them all! I wish Rachel True was staring on a new show. She is such a talented comedic actress.
  • A great family comedy.

    I love this show.Everyone in it are fab.I find it really funny and a lot of the scenes could be happening in real life.I wish it was on a little later in the day however.I watch it at 6:00A.M.It's a great way to start the day though.I really get a great hoot out of Phyllis and big Dee Dee, they do a great job with the barbs they keep giving each other.Mona gets herself into so much trouble and it's always funny.Dee Dee is funny when she gets on Mona's back about her clothes and hair.It's a great show and I look forward to seeing more of it in the future.
  • Two half sisters experience the beauty of sisterhood and friendship after growing up apart in separate households. As Mona and Dee Dee evolve, they both heal old family wounds by building new bridges and discovering new revelations through each other.

    Fresh, smart, relatable and naturally funny. It's amazing how sitcoms like this disappear. In every city there's a Mona and a Dee Dee, in every country there's an Adam or a Spencer. Half and Half has all the qualities of a classic long running sitcom and it was becoming a huge platform in the community. And since it's stopped airing urban comedy hasn't been the same. People are still waiting to know what's up next for these characters and with enough prayer and petitioning, maybe CW can right the wrong and return Half and Half to prominence better than ever. Bring it back, before it's too late!
  • I really do miss this show it would have gotten better with time

    This one of the few watchable show on the than (UPN) everybody on here was my favorite. so no i don't have pick who i like the most. it was just a easy show to get it to don't get me wrong there's other comdies i like but this one take the cake for me. upn had more shows but most had an uneven format just didn't seem quite right with me. i was rideing with mona and the gang for 4 seasons and enjoyed every minute of it. cause it was sad when they got cancelled and i haven't found any other show like them yet.
  • This was a great show, funny and something I could look forward to on Monday nights. Bring it back!!!!!!!!!

    I just loved this show. How can they take it off the air just like that especially after a great cliffhanger??? I guess we'll never know who she picked...Lorenzo or Chase. Personally, I would have picked Chase without a doubt...he was very down to earth, not to mention HOT. So, what was the reason for taking the show off the air...not too many people watching, not enough ratings? If enough of us vote to bring it back, will they? Even if it's just to find out who she picked. So have I reached 100 words yet? Now I did !!!
  • Two women grow up separately and are reconnected in their 20's to learn the bond of sisterhood. Through trial and tribulation all the characters form a family.

    I don't know why this show was taken off the air!! The way the show was written was great and it portrayed an all star cast, simply an amazing group of people. I think it was a great family show and it illustrated the struggle of what many families are going through today!!! If the show isn't coming back to tv then it should make it's way onto DVD definitely!!! Because I hate that it's gone but I really want to have it in my collection!!!
  • I cannot believe that this show was taken off of the air! This was a great show!

    Please bring this show back. I was really looking forward to picking up where I left off with the previous season. Essence and Rachel really work well together. I have to agree with another person who wrote a review about Half & Half. If this network keeps pulling shows off like this, then thier ratings will definitely drop big time. I'm sure if the ratings drop, then so will their money!
  • I think the CW made a big mistake when they took over...

    I liked Half & Half. At first lil Dee Dee got on my nerves but she finally grew on me. I think the new CW didn't do the station any favors by cancelling this, EVE, and One on One. I liked all the shows that were on Monday and Tuesday nights.... Now what do they have for the fall line up? NOTHING!!! At least they did keep Girlfriends, Everybody Hates Chris, and All Of Us (even though they are on a new night). I agree with the other person that said don't do an end of the season show if you are not bringing the show back...The CW should really think about bringing back the shows that they let go. Those shows didn't last 3 or more seasons for nothing...Sorry to see them go....
  • It was OK

    The best part of the show was the Asian assistant and Thelma Hopkin's character, Phyllis. The rest of the show is just mediocre laughs. But, at least it's not the same buffoonery that you usually see on black comedies. I really think this show was a good attempt to move in the right direction for black casted sitcoms. It's a fresh idea, shows EMPLOYED black people who know how to run their lives and most of the characters were funny. Except for DeeDee (Essence Atkins). She was basically the most annoying character on the show and only got slightly better towards the end. The only regret that I have for the show is that we didn't get to see Mona and Spencer finally start dating.
  • I really like the show and cast of half and half. I am very disappointed as a lot of my friends, that this show will not go on. The owner of the new CW said he wanted more family shows, well this is clearly a family show.If the show goes on I will watch.

    I give half and half a 9+ and really think with a lot of other peole it should not be taken off the air. I really wanted to see who Monia choose and I would like to continue to see all the talented actors on this show. The static between the ex-wife and the new wife is priceless. This show has was is going on in everyday life. It is reality at its best. Half sibilings, ex-wives, gay community, the want to be, work alcoholics, the love thy shelf, the shop alcoholics. It has it all.
  • This is not so much of a review as it is a request to anyone who is a fan of the upn\\\'s half and half.

    Please go to http://www.petitiononline.com/cwhalf/petition.html and sign the petition to keep the show. Next to girlfriends this was the second most watched show on UPN yet it wasn\\\'t picked up and other shows with lower rating were brought back. If you love this show there may be a chance log on to this site and sign the petition
  • My second favorite UPN show behind "Girlfriends."

    I love this show. It has a lot of potential. I think every single one of the characters is exceptionally funny in their own unique way. And I love how there's a mixture of personalities (there's a gay guy, a free spirit, a beauty queen, etc.). I don't think this show gets the credit it deserves. It's been slept on for the past four years, but I've been watching it religiously for a long time. The storylines are very funny and original. You won't see many shows on TV that resemble "Half And Half." It's just overall a great series, one that you have to really get into to enjoy. But getting into it is worth it.
  • funny show

    maybe this program wont end soon and might last as long as friends
    i really love this show and the theme tune is funny and if a theme tune is good, the show is likely to be good but if the tune is annoying the show is/will become annoying dont know why but i really love this show
    very very funny and mona is funnier than dee dee through the seasons
  • I enjoy Half and half a lot but most of all I am addicted to the theme tune I would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me the name of the song and who sang it as me and all my family think its really good.

    Half and Half is a great show I think it is really cool and shows you some true American life. I hope after people have read my review they will start watching it as well as me and enjoy as much as me. I am looking forward to see the future.
  • I\'am a loyal fan who thinks the show is one of the best comedies on TV. A great interaciton of actors who project continuous comedy. I\'am also interested in the theme song and would like to know if there is a complete version for fans to obtain.

    A very good script/story line where the characters feed off of each other with excellent timing and humor. Especially humorous is Phyllis and Big Dee Dee as they continuously go off on each other. A very good show in a good time slot that deserves accolades for the actors and the script. I sincerely hope that this show is on for a long time.
  • New Best Friend

    I came into this show very late. I used to see the commercials etc, but I was stuck on Girlfriends and other shows and never gave it a chance until, I fianllly did, and I have not come to regret it yet.

    The show has a great cast and great stories with brilliant comedy.

    Overall, a wonderful show.
  • Two half sister move into the same apartment building to get to know one another. Dee Dee is a spoil rich girl and Mona is a hard working music executive who works for everything she gets. Put that together with there fueding angry moms and you have Half

    This show Half & Half is off beat and very funny. The two ladies they have playing Mona and Dee Dee are perfect in playing off one another. Half & Half shows the many things siblings could go through from not being raised together. The show is sexy, funny, and a new take on disfunctional families.
  • a pretty good show about two half sisters

    This is a pretty good show about two half sisters named Mona and Dee Dee. i watch it occsionally its not one of my fave shows but its pretty funny. i cant rilly think of one hundred words to write about this show its pretty straight forward. well... Mona works at a company who hires singers and stuff like that, i guess like a recording company.Dee Dee is trying to get into law skool. Dee Dee's mother is desperately trying to get back into acting and Mona's mother is desperatley trying to move in with her. Dee is more of a party animal while Mona overwhekms herself with work.
  • Half-sisters grow closer while living together as neighbors in their father’s apartment building, after a childhood of growing up apart.

    Half and Half is a somewhat original concept about two half-sisters, the older and wiser Mona Thorne, and the younger and slightly spoiled Dee Dee Thorne.

    While Mona grew up under her mother Phyllis’ care, she somehow managed to find herself eliminated from the lavish lifestyle that Dee Dee endured courtesy of Daddy Charles Thorne, whom they both share.

    Not to be confused as a show that centers on sibling rivalry, often times Half and Half does straddle the line between sibling resentment. One might find baby sister Dee Dee’s routine whining and promiscuity loathsome. While Mona and Phyllis are extremely prevalent with presenting their case that Charles Thorne lacked drastically in the art of parenting when related to his oldest daughter, and their argument always appears convincing when flanked by supporting evidence such as Dee Dee gaining a pony as a child while Mona was left ponyless, or when Charles manages to keep a play by play of Dee Dee’s most important events, yet he can’t remember the simplest topic in relation to Mona.

    But perhaps what makes the show the most entertaining, is the constant bickering between the eldest Diva’s – Mona’s mom the sharp tongued Phyllis, and Dee Dee’s stylish and to-the-point mother, cleverly known as Big Dee Dee. A dull moment can easily be livened by these two as they conjure up clever one-liners aimed to bring the other down.

    Half and Half is an entertaining show. While they aren’t The Huxtables, they will give you thirty minutes of entertainment that calls for a few chuckles in between.