Half & Half

Season 2 Episode 13

The Big You're Not the Boss of Me Episode

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 09, 2004 on UPN
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The Big You're Not the Boss of Me Episode
Delicious Records is bought out; and a new boss, respected music business veteran Kai Owens, takes over the company. She is bringing many of her own associates along, so she begins conducting interviews to see which employees will get to keep their jobs. Adam, exhilarated by all of the drama, giddily celebrates each new firing by banging a gong. Mona fears that she will be the next to go because she is terrible in interviews. Despite Dee Dee's advice, she blows the interview. However, Kai respects her work so much that she promotes her to a Vice President position. This makes her Spencer's boss, and he has trouble adjusting to the situation, ignoring her orders and talking back to her. Mona worries that they will not be able to maintain their friendship. Meanwhile, Dee Dee pleads with her mother to let her make a connection with her unborn brother in some way. Big Dee Dee offers to let her name the baby.moreless

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    Michelle Simmons

    Michelle Simmons


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    Alec Mapa

    Alec Mapa

    Adam Benet

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    Corey Holcomb

    Corey Holcomb


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    MC Lyte

    MC Lyte

    Kai Owens

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      • Big Dee Dee: He thinks the baby should be named after him, Charles Jr. Isn't that ridiculous, Little Dee?

      • (Spencer runs into Mona's office)
        Spencer: I'm keeping my job! (sees that Kai is there) Sorry.
        Mona: Well, Spencer, you're the first to know, I've lost mine.
        (Adam hits gong)

      • Phyllis: Haven't you seen 'A Star Is Born'? That drunk didn't leave Barbra because of the white girl Afro. Although that had to be a big part of it.

      • Mona: We're all cogs in the spokes of the wheels of the something like that.

      • Adam: Gather 'round! I have some news that will rock your world!
        Mona: You're turning straight?
        Adam: I said 'rock your world,' not 'propel us into an alternate universe.'

      • Big Dee Dee: (to Dee Dee) We will find you a plum role in the birthing of Baby Thorne...starring me!

      • (Interview advice for Mona)
        Phyllis: Don't mention the time you used too much toilet paper and flooded the whole office.
        Dee Dee: Or the time you got your hair caught in the fax machine.
        Phyllis and Dee Dee: (Simultaneously) Or when you got fired. (Point at each other and laugh) Jinx!

      • Mona: Don't you miss having friends?
        Kai: At times.
        Mona: Well, we could could go out for coffee...
        Kai: This isn't one of those times.

      • Adam: If you're fired, I'll never see you again.
        Mona: Oh! Don't worry. We'll still be friends.
        Adam: Like I said, if you're fired, I'll never see you again.

      • Adam: Mona, firing squad's reloaded. I mean, Ms. Owens will see you now.

      • Spencer: You threw the whole thing just to get back at me?
        Chauncey: Kind of like what you're doing to Mona. The difference is, when I did it, I was 12.

      • Dee Dee: It's perfect. Tyler--doesn't rhyme with any body parts. Isaac--like Isaac Hayes. And Thorne--well, Horny Thorney, but there's nothing I can do about that.

      • Dee Dee: When something comes out of your body after nine months, I just figured you'd want dibs on naming it.

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