Half Way Across The Galaxy and Turn Left

Seven Network (ended 1994)



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Half Way Across The Galaxy and Turn Left

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Forced to flee the planet Zyrgon, twelve-year-old X and her family, Mother, Father, older sister Dovis and younger brother Qwrk, find safety on planet Earth, where they try to fit in and live normal lives. However, because of the family's irresponsible behavior, X's job as Family Organizer will not be so simple. However, with help from friends on Earth and Zyrgon, life on Earth might not be so difficult. Based on the book by Robin Klein, this children's series is a must-see for children and adults.
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  • On the run from the fascist security forces that control their dystopian society, a family of renegades must try to make a new life on the blue planet. The planet it's inhabitents call earth.moreless

    An australian sci-fi drama for children made in the early 90's, this show is a nostalgic classic for many (despite the fact it's nigh impossible to get a complete set of episodes). The effects, whilst quite dated nowadays, were very impressive for their time. The acting, whilst failing on the part of many of the younger and inexperienced actors, is often saved by some good performances by the regular cast. The best part of this show for me was always Bruce Spence, who magnificently hammed it up in his role as The Chief, and you could see he was loving every second of it, and made it a joy to watch. The principle of it was that the family, who to be fair were criminals thanks to the father cheating the government lottery 27 times in a row, had to either turn the crook over to be executed by lava, or flee. The family organiser, X, a 12 year old girl, chose to break her vows and lead the family to earth where they attempt, and often fail, to fit in completely. The core of the story comes from the conflict with the society which pursues them. Zyrgon, their home world is a strict police state, which controls the development of it's people quite simply: they indoctrinate the children completely, and then make it law for the family to obey the child as if law.

    It's basically the old tale of free will versus conformitism, with free will winning out in the end. If you ignore the many filler episodes, it does have a good solid story and moral, and it's obvious why it really was so popular amoungst kids and families in it's time, and I personally can only hope for a DVD release at some point soon.moreless
  • A family from the planet Zyrgon must escape to the blue planet, which its inhabitants call Earth.

    Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left is based on the Australian children's story by Robin Klein. Although some elements have been changed, most of the basic elements remain the same. After her father cheats the government lottery too many times, X and the family must leave Zyrgon and hide out until the government falls. X, even though she is 12, is the family organizer and makes all the important decisions. While hiding out on Earth, they encounter many things that are alien to their way of life. The planet Earth changes them all for the better. However, they still have to deal with people from Zyrgon popping in and out of their lives. Not to mention having to hide their alien origins from nosy neighbors and school officials. I have watched the series and read the book. Half of the series comes from the book and the other half is new stuff that continues the story. Along with great storylines and great actors, Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left is a television series that is fun and inspirational for both children and adults. Containing messages of freedom and family, this series is a must-see.moreless