Halfway Home

Season 1 Episode 8

Halfway High School

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM May 02, 2007 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Kenny and the whole Halfway house are talking about high school, then he says that he needs to get Carly, Serenity, and Eulogio get their G.E.D.s. He picks Alan and C-Bass to teach them since they finished high school. Serenity thinks the other way around. She dosen't want to get her G.E.D. Then a talk show host comes by, and Serenity becomes a star for a show.

Alan is teaching Carly and Eulogio some math lessons, but they both seem to miss the point. Then C-Bass begins to teach them some literature. Carly can't seem to focus on any of here subjects because she is to "high" to understand anything. Alan comes back with some test results. Eulogio's test came back great, but Carly wasn't so good. In fact, one of the tests Alan put in an IQ test came back "Mildy Retarted". Carly then makes a vow to stop smoking pot and start studing.

Serenity and the talk show host begins a conversation, and catch it all on film. Serenity became a star and she says she needs no G.E.D. It is the beginning of the G.E.D. testing and Carly becomes alittle psychotic. She begins to go crazy and mess the place up! Kenny says that they need to stop her. They all work together to calm her down, with alittle marijuana. It is successful and she calms down.

The test results come back and they both pass. Serenity changs the channel to see the show she starred in. With a huge disappointment, she is not a star and becomes an idiot on national television.