Halfway Home

Season 1 Episode 3

Halfway Hot

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 28, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • The inmates endure a heat way, and Kenny refuses to share his air conditioning unit. Serenity, Eulogio, Sebastian and Carly play a game of chicken with Kenny. They leave the house, but soon all return and reconcile.

    The threat to leave Kenny is hilarious, with Serenity, Eulogio, Sebastian and Carly going back to prison since Kenny won’t apologize for his dictatorial attitude. In his war of hurt feelings, Serenity, Eulogio, Sebastian and Carly we see the inmates bond with one another.

    In the end, the inmates and Kenny reconcile and learn that they all care about each other. And so they ride out the heat storm all sleeping together, in Kenny’s air conditioned room.

    The show is not only funny but allows viewers to empathize the characters.
  • A Heatwave hits the Halfway House and now everyone is struggling just to get by.

    This episode was THY funniest one. Everyone was fighting (Mostly at Kenny) through the whole show. Serenity wanted to cool down but Kenny didn't let her. This episode was hilarious. Carly gets a crush on Eulogio, but Eulogio doesn't approve. Serenity thinks about going back to prison because they have AC down there. Alan walks in from nowhere and wants to cool down, but Kenny told him to get out. It was very funny. Then the bluffing game Eulogio told the Halfway inmates about. Kenny felt regrat but he had to send them away. Then when the inmates got back to reality, they were so paniced it made me laugh! What a nice plot. Then everyone came back. It was a very funny episode.