Halfway Home

Season 1 Episode 2

Halfway Impotent

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 21, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • Carly goes for the world record of while the other inmates have problems with there... umm... U know...

    This episode was very funny like the last one. I loved it, it was great. Kenny's "Role Playing" leads to Carly's past one the record pogo sticking but C-Bass is having a erectile problem. Alan and Eluogio are having the same problem. Then they ask the question to Kenny, he says he has the same problem too. So Kenny gets some vigira, but one thing he doesn't know is that it's horse vigira! When I saw that part I was laughting so hard, I couldn't believe it! Then when Carly was still trying for the record, Serenity was asleep, that made me laugh! Kenny's plan to "Sleep it off" failed when the next morning they showed the whole Halfway House with the erectile dysfuntion. That is one episode that made me laugh to death.
  • ‘Halfway Impotent’ focuses on the lame libidos of Allen, Sebastian and Eulogio. Their perverted pursuits of sexual self-gratification are chronicled, as is their unfortunate experience with horse Viagra. Meanwhile, Carly sets a pogo stick world record.

    The show is a hilarious debased hybrid of South Park and the Sarah Silverman Program, infusing an interesting narrative structure with Kenny's counseling session.

    You have to get through the first 15 minutes, but the comedic reward is clear.

    The best scenes occur in Kenny's sessions. There Eulogio explores WWII-masturbation history, Sebastian relates his first (and infantile) sexual experience, and Alan talks about his bowel moments.

    The plot, while a bit hackneyed, is supported by the gloriously insane characters of the show. Watching Eulogio and Alan each attempt sexual satisfaction was hilarious and reveling into their characters.

    And the perversity of the show was offset and drawn more fully out by building off the foil of Carly's attempt to reclaim her life through pogo stick.