Halfway Home

Season 1 Episode 1

Halfway Narc

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 14, 2007 on Comedy Central
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Halfway Narc
Kenny impels the residents to take a drug test when Alan smells something suspicious in the middle of the night. By martyring himself C-Bass tries to exact revenge on Alan.

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  • Alan narts on Carly, and Serenity and Sebastian get even with him.

    I loved this episode! IT WAS GREAT! Alan is a very funny character, he taddle-tails on Carly and now, he just caused all hell to break loose. It was so funny how everyone tried to get even with him! Serenity and C-Bass start calling Alan a nart for his snitching. But one psrt that made me wanna puke was the gardener and Eulogio, im not going to details on that part... C-Bass and Senerity start messing with Alan, and I loved that part when Serenity and Alan were "role playing". Serenity was murdering Alan, I couldn't stop laughing! C-Bass thought he could take Alan down with him, how hilarious! Once again Alan smelled smoke, and I was cracking you to see who it was. it was Kenny! Thats when I cried so hard of laughter. Also I loved that part when Alan got high and was playing with the match. C-Bass was gonna blow Alan up, but he didn't... I wanted to see that!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Dell came by to talk to Alan about Kenny, Alan had a match. It's against the rules to have matches in the Halfway House.

    • Eulogio says that he denied Tommy Hilfiger, he is referring to the creator of the clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger.

    • Kenny said that the marijuana that he was smoking was prescription marijuana. There actually is such thing as prescription marijuana, which is available in nine U.S. states, and is a pain killer for cancer and cures glaucoma.

    • Alan states that he will use weevils for the Trojans inside his model Trojan Horse, but the Trojans didn't hide in the Trojan Horse, the Greeks did.

    • Kenny tries to rid the housemates of drugs, but he himself was caught doing marijuana, then drugged the roommate that caught him, Completely breaking the rules.

    • Alan gets rewarded for being a narc and is asked to pick anything he wants. He chooses a bonfire. Later he gets in trouble and is banned from his own bonfire and cannot go.

    • Cups used for urine drug tests come with a thermometer on the side to guarantee a fresh sample. The "clean" urine that was stored in the toilet tank would be quite cold, and even without the thermometer reading would be cold to the touch and tip off whoever was collecting the urine.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Alan (Falls down stairs) Ok th-hat hurt!
      Kenny: you ok?
      Alan: Yeah, wheres the bob guy?
      Kenny: Oh he left, I guess he didn't believe you, said you were high.
      Alan: Yeah?
      Kenny: How was the pizza last night?
      Alan: You drugged me.
      Kenny: Oh and unfortunately Alan won't be joining us at the campfire tonight.
      Serenity (Laughs)

    • Alan: I still love you.
      Dell: Alan.
      Alan: I wouldn't leave you. ohh what? I'll pet you, your hot.
      Dell: Alan?

    • Carly: I like you.
      Alan: Huh?
      Carly: I really like you. You pee for me, and I'll pee for you.

    • Alan: At exactly 2:39 this morning, i smelled Maryjane.
      Kenny: Smelled pot.

    • C-Bass: Death has come for the maiden.(Turns on lighter)
      Alan: That will never blow-up.
      C-Bass: Oh yeah, it will most certainly will.
      Alan: Is that a can of bug spray below your nipple?
      C-Bass: Of course.
      Alan: Simple mistake. Bet you didn't run a negative ground from that to the trigger device for full combustion.
      C-Bass: No, had the wires running through the accelerators this thing is gonna go at point six seconds.
      Alan: Doesn't make any difference, your fuse won't ignite the combustion, you won't get full accelerator, I can show you if you want.

    • Kenny: Come on, Be cool.
      Alan: I don't know how to be cool!

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