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  • This show is perfect.

    This show is perfect. I swear I lived in that group home. The architecture, the furniture, the bathroom. I've been there. It wasn't for ex-cons, my group home, but it looked just like that. And in the upper midwest they look exactly like that. Old houses where people live communally all look like that.

    On the non-realistic side, cute, charming and hysterical offender housemates is probably less likely. As a show, however, it works. The actors are all perfect. I love Carly, I love Serenity, I love all the boys whose names I don't remember.

    I don't have the backstory on this one but I'm guessing it's unscripted, and these people totally pull it off. I can't wait for the next new episode, but the show is watchable even in repeats.