Halifax FP

Season 5 Episode 3

A Hate Worse Than Death

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 2000 on The Nine Network
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A Hate Worse Than Death
When gossip colominist for A-list magazine, Simon Laser, walks into a police station claiming that his murdered lover, prominent judge, Harvey Masters, died in his arms, he is treated with suspicion from the start. Not only was Masters seemingly happily married, he was also known for his strong conservative beliefs. Laser claims their affair was kept a secret and that the killer is out to avenge him by killing those closest to him. It is up to forensic psychiatrist Jane Halifax to determine if Laser is telling the truth, or if something more sinister is lurking under the surface.moreless

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  • A well-known gossip columnist turns up at a police station covered in blood screaming that his male lover has been murdered. Jane Halifax is called in to help unravel the mystery.moreless

    Celebrity gossip columnist, Simon Laser, (Nicholas Eadie) is a very unpopular man with many people because of the scathing comments he prints about the rich and famous in his regular magazine column. When he turns up at a Melbourne police station late at night, covered in blood and near hysteria, claiming that his lover, Harvey Masters, QC, has been murdered and that he just found the body, the police take him into custody as their cheif suspect in the killing of the prominent citizen.

    When Dr. Jane Halifax (Rebecca Gibney) joins the investigative team, she gets entirelly conflicting stories from the suspect,and from Margaret Masters, (Julieanne Newbould) the victim's widow, who claims that not only are the stories of the homosexual liaison completely untrue, but that her husband loathed the man as the two had once done battle in a courtroom. Making things more convincing for Laser is his announcement that he suffers from an eye condition which renders him practically blind without his glasses and unable to stand bright light of any kind.

    Jane finds herself taken in by Laser and his charming manner and is even more inclined to believe his story when she finds out that he has been receiving hate mail and death threats. When his elderly female neighbour is murdered, Laser is convinced that he is being deliberately targetted and he fearsfor his own life as well as the lives of those close to him. When more deaths occur, this seems to back up his story.

    Researching Laser's background, Jane finds that all the pieces do not fit together and because of her knowledge, she finds herself next on the list of possible victims of the killer, whomever he or she may be.

    A fantastic episode with great performances all round. Quite the thriller and a great script to boot. Watch it and be entertained.moreless
Louise Siversen

Louise Siversen

Linda Quinn

Guest Star

Nicholas Eadie

Nicholas Eadie

Simon Laser

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Terry Serio

Terry Serio

Harry Davenport

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    • Harry: C'mon Jane what am I going to say... Hi honey, I'm working back at Jane Halifax's apartment; you know the one, blonde, beautiful, intelligent, single...

      Jane: You ought to trust her more

      (The phone rings and Harry answers the phone)

    • Quinn: You set a trap for a blind man causing a wound that requires five stitches, is there a positive spin on that?
      Jane: Well he's not technically blind. It was three stitches actually.

    • In a police interview room, talking to Jane
      Laser: I don't have my spectacles, without which I'm almost totally blind, I'm wearing this, (indicating a police gown) because my outfit was inconveniently drenched in blood, I'm sitting in a room with a light bright enough to photosynthesise marijuana. I came here to report the murder of my friend, about which by the way I'm more than a little upset.

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