Halifax FP

Season 5 Episode 3

A Hate Worse Than Death

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 2000 on The Nine Network



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    • Harry: C'mon Jane what am I going to say... Hi honey, I'm working back at Jane Halifax's apartment; you know the one, blonde, beautiful, intelligent, single...

      Jane: You ought to trust her more

      (The phone rings and Harry answers the phone)

    • Quinn: You set a trap for a blind man causing a wound that requires five stitches, is there a positive spin on that?
      Jane: Well he's not technically blind. It was three stitches actually.

    • In a police interview room, talking to Jane
      Laser: I don't have my spectacles, without which I'm almost totally blind, I'm wearing this, (indicating a police gown) because my outfit was inconveniently drenched in blood, I'm sitting in a room with a light bright enough to photosynthesise marijuana. I came here to report the murder of my friend, about which by the way I'm more than a little upset.

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