Halifax FP

The Nine Network (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Takes Two
      Takes Two
      Episode 3
      While Jane works on a fairly mundane case for the parole board; that of a girl accused of malicious damage to a neighbour's car; she begins an affair with a married police officer, Det. Brett Murray. The case he is working on involves a number of missing persons who turn up dead. Jane soon finds a link between the two, but when the cop offers to leave his wife, Jane's fear of commitment causes them to split up. As a result, Jane finds herself in extreme danger from a pair of mentally unstable and irrational girls.moreless
    • Playing God
      Playing God
      Episode 2
      On the tenth anniversary of her father's death, Jane is approached by an old friend of her father. She asks Jane to assess a thirteen year old girl accused of murdering an eight year old.
    • The Scorpion's Kiss

      Jane has been asked to assess a stalker and when she assures the judge that he is safe to be released, the husband of his victim is not pleased.
      When his wife is murdered, and it is clear that the stalker is the murderer, Jane feels that she is to blame. However, when the Australian Secret Service (ASIO) becomes involved, a sense of paranoia sets in.

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