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The Nine Network (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

    • Lies of the Mind
      Lies of the Mind
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Jane is called on to assess wealthy socialite, Sharon Sinclair, charged with the murder of her father, Sir Edward and her step-mother. Sharon claims she is suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder, but Jane discovers that Sharon's own psychiatrist is writing a book on the condition and may be biased. If found medically unfit to stand trial, Sharon stands to inherit eighty million dollars. Jane's attraction to Detective Paul Santos develops into a passionate involvement, but as a result of this distraction, she misses a vital clue. Blaming herself, she ends the relationship with Paul.During her investigation, Jane discovers that there is more to Sharon Sinclair and her family than meets the eye.moreless
    • The Feeding
      The Feeding
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Rogue cop, Jonah Cole, from Sydney comes to town on the hunt for the 'Make-up Killer.' This is a high profile case where the police are under pressure from politicans and the media to get a result. Calling on Jane Halifax to provide a profile of the serial killer, Jane and Jonah initially lock horns in their attempt to catch the culprit. With his acute sense of smell, Jonah recognises a familiar scent that links all the victims. Abrasive and eccentric in his approach, Jonah's obsession to find the killer wins him no friends, but Jane proves to be equally skilled as his work-mate in this deadly and dangerous pursuit.moreless
    • Playing God
      Playing God
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      On the tenth anniversary of her father's death, Jane is approached by an old friend of her father. She asks Jane to assess a thirteen year old girl accused of murdering an eight year old.
    • My Lovely Girl
      My Lovely Girl
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Jane finds her misquoted criticism of a colleague's release of a mental patient, who murders again, leads to a patient of her own, Peter Donaldson, facing the pressure of exposure to an unforgiving public.
      In an attempt to help him come to terms with the situation, Jane discovers someone who bears a grudge and is dangerously close to driving Peter over the edge.moreless
    • Afraid of the Dark
      Afraid of the Dark
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Told in retrospect, Jane is receiving councilling from her analyst after having killed someone.
      It is Christmas, Jane is alone, feeling vulnerable, stressed, suffering from panic attacks and drinking a little too much. She is called in to help investigate the case of a mass murderer who has shot the customers in a country diner. There are few survivors who provide little in the way of clues. One man, Ray Harvey, is their best hope but he is a reformed alcoholic who has fallen off the wagon as a result of the shooting. Detective Eric Ringer works with Jane and falls for her. On New Year's Eve, Eric arrives at Jane's apartment, finding her somewhat under the influence of drink. They end up in bed. Afterwards, Jane is at her lowest ebb. She takes Eric's gun and puts it in her mouth - echoing her father's suicide. Shaking her out of her depression is a call from Ray asking for her assistance. Rushing to help him, Jane and Ray find themselves back at the diner, face to face with the killer.moreless
    • Acts of Betrayal
      Acts of Betrayal
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Jane Halifax, forensic psychiatrist, facing a gruelling cross-examination at a murder trial, is contacted by ex-boyfriend, Owen Tozer, ( Andrew McFarlane ), also a psychiatrist. He has been having an affair with a patient, Cori Neal ( Sophie Lee ) and seeks Jane's assistance. Owen's own mental state takes a downward spiral when a pregnant Cori is murdered in a hit-and-run accident. To make matters worse, the car involved belongs to Owen. With the police hunting Owen as their prime suspect, Jane is torn between working within the law and helping her ex.moreless
    • The Scorpion's Kiss
      The Scorpion's Kiss
      Season 6 - Episode 1

      Jane has been asked to assess a stalker and when she assures the judge that he is safe to be released, the husband of his victim is not pleased.
      When his wife is murdered, and it is clear that the stalker is the murderer, Jane feels that she is to blame. However, when the Australian Secret Service (ASIO) becomes involved, a sense of paranoia sets in.

    • A Hate Worse Than Death
      A Hate Worse Than Death
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      When gossip colominist for A-list magazine, Simon Laser, walks into a police station claiming that his murdered lover, prominent judge, Harvey Masters, died in his arms, he is treated with suspicion from the start. Not only was Masters seemingly happily married, he was also known for his strong conservative beliefs. Laser claims their affair was kept a secret and that the killer is out to avenge him by killing those closest to him. It is up to forensic psychiatrist Jane Halifax to determine if Laser is telling the truth, or if something more sinister is lurking under the surface.moreless
    • Words Without Music
      Words Without Music
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      While assessing a convicted murderer for the Parole Board, Jane is asked to provide Grief Counselling at an exclusive boys' school where a teacher has suddenly died. When a pupil she is counselling is murdered, Jane works with local detective, Kaz, to uncover a secret society within the school controlled by a dangerous psychopath. As Jane gets closer to the murderer, her own life is in danger, as she unravels a web of deceit, conspiracy and murder.moreless
    • The Spider and the Fly
      The Spider and the Fly
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      Jane rushes back from New Zealand where she has been lecturing, for the funeral of her best friend, Dr. Lisa Hardman. Staying to help Lisa's husband with the children and to wind up Lisa's psychiatric practice, she discovers a patient who displays a dangerous obsession with Lisa's family. Jane begins to suspect that Lisa's death was not due to natural causes and when first she, then Lisa's husband, get sick, Jane realises that she is dealing with a serial poisoner.moreless
    • A Murder of Crows
      A Murder of Crows
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      While visiting her mother, Angela, Jane helps out at the local hospital after a fatal bus crash.
      The following day, the driver responsible for three deaths is murdered and Jane finds herself assisting the police in the hunt for a killer.
      Is it revenge or is there a more sinister motive?moreless
    • Sweet Dreams
      Sweet Dreams
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      The return of Jonah Cole adds some light relief into Jane's life, but his increasingly erratic behaviour begins to worry her. Jane finds herself caught up in Jonah's relentless hunt for dirty cops and as the bodies begin to pile up, it looks likely that Jonah is the killer.
    • Swimming with Sharks
      Swimming with Sharks
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      A gritty prison setting sees Jane working with an ex-boyfriend to try and uncover a murderer amongst a group of psychopaths - all convicted of murder. Jane begins to realise that there is an alterior motive for this killing, but what can be even more threatening than anything they have already done? A fire soon sees Jane alone in the prison unit with four dangerous killers.moreless
    • A Person of Interest
      A Person of Interest
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Ex-cop, Laurie Downes has displayed erratic behaviour and has taken the law into his own hands. Having assessed him as safe to be released on bail, Jane discovers that his actions have a specific purpose. He is on the trail of two rapists who are responsible for the death of his lover. Jane has discovered that she needs surgery as the result of a Papp Smear where irregular cells have shown up. When one of the rapists is murdered, everything points to Laurie, but Jane finds that it is she who is the rapist's intended victim.moreless
    • Someone You Know
      Someone You Know
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Jane has a new boyfriend whose passion is glider flying - something Jane is rather nervous about. However, she is called away to work on the case of a serial killer who murders women who are having affairs. The killer leaves a message scrawled in blood on a mirror, "Help me, Jane." The police think he must be one of Jane's patients, but Jane is not so sure. To complicate matters, Jane's boyfriend is an ex-patient and tries to pressurise Jane into deleting his file from her computer. One of the female detectives is having trouble with this case. Jane recognises her symptoms and tries to help, but something buried deep in her past has been re-awakened. Investigating further, Jane discovers that her mother is also called Jane. Jane discovers that the police have been following her and when one of her more vulnerable patients ends up in hospital as a result, she finds herself pressurised from all sides to uncover the killer.moreless
    • Deja Vu
      Deja Vu
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Jane has, for once, put work behind her and is living on a house boat where she has just finished writing a book. Visited by an old friend, Abe Levin, he asks her to assess Matthew Viney, an ex-patient accused of murdering his parents. Reluctantly, Jane returns to the big city, intent on spending just a few days on the case. As usual, things don't go as planned. Matthew's brother, Daniel, has recurring dreams where he is the murderer. This is impossible as he wasn't even on the scene - or was he?moreless
    • Cradle and All
      Cradle and All
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Jane becomes the target of an obsessive admirer. At first she dismisses it as trivial, but when his declarations of love turn to threats, she realises that he is deadly serious. Jane's mother is seriously injured while driving Jane's car, her assistant Ari is beaten unconscious, as the stalker succeeds in isolating Jane from those around her. Handling a complex case of infanticide, caring for her mother and dealing with a dangerous erotomaniac who seems to be tracking her every move, Jane is rapidly reaching breaking point.moreless
    • Isn't It Romantic
      Isn't It Romantic
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Jane is preparing to be bridesmaid at her friend's Greek wedding and together with having a worrying throat problem, she is working on a case where three women have been strangled. Psychic, Eric Washburn, tells the police that the killer will strike again. Initially sceptical, Jane discovers that Washburn senses her throat problems and warns Jane to take great care. He 'sees' her covered in blood. After a failed attempt to trap the killer, it is up to Jane to goad him into killing again.moreless
    • Without Consent
      Without Consent
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      When a series of rapes take place, the M.O. matches exactly that of recently released William Reedman. However the case proves to be anything but straight forward when it emerges that Jane is his alibi.
    • Hardcorps
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Two cops, one young and idealistic, the other tough and cynical, are party to the shooting of a criminal. Called to assist the police in their internal investigations, Jane Halifax discovers all is not as it seems. Delving into the murky underworld of organised crime, bribes and corruption, Jane races against time to save innocent lives.moreless
    • Takes Two
      Takes Two
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      While Jane works on a fairly mundane case for the parole board; that of a girl accused of malicious damage to a neighbour's car; she begins an affair with a married police officer, Det. Brett Murray. The case he is working on involves a number of missing persons who turn up dead. Jane soon finds a link between the two, but when the cop offers to leave his wife, Jane's fear of commitment causes them to split up. As a result, Jane finds herself in extreme danger from a pair of mentally unstable and irrational girls.moreless