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  • It is Forensic Psychiartist Dr. Jane Halifax's job to delve deep into the minds of some of Australia's most troubled criminals. Each episode brings with it a new crime to solve and new characters to draw us into the Doc's twisted world.

    Rebecca Gibney is flawless in this suspenseful drama series. Her commitment to the role is above and beyond as Dr. Jane Halifax. Jane is a highly respected forensic psychiatrist who runs her own private practice and assists the police to create criminal profiles. Despite her hard exterior Jane is emotional and commitment phobic endulging in a series of short (yet steamy) affairs.

    Guest stars include Hugh Jackman, Emily Browning, Jacqueline McKenzie, Peter O'Brien, Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving and Frances O' Connor.

    This show is definately a must-see for those who love to play along and try to decipher the clues only to be surprised at the very end of each episode.

  • Halifax f.p. is among the best Australian crime dramas of the 1990s. The show aired from November, 1994 - July, 2002, with New Zealand-born actress Rebecca Gibney in the title role of Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Jane Halifax.

    The role of Dr. Jane Halifax was specifically written for Rebecca Gibney, already a household name in Australia from her extended stints in television shows such as 'The Flying Doctors' and the comedy series 'All Together Now', as well as many guest appearances in other programs.

    Jane Halifax is a highly talented Forensic Psychiatrist, called on regularly by various Victorian police forces to assist in solving horrific and difficult crimes. Using her own version of criminal profiling to help detectives understand the type of perpetrator they are seeking, Jane also plays a major role in interviewing and analyzing suspects once they have been brought in for questioning.

    Rebecca Gibney is superb in the lead role, with her faultless portrayal of a gifted doctor whose job requires here to deal with the worst society has to offer while trying to deal with her own inability to sustain a relationship and trying to come to terms with the suicide of her much-adored father, Robert and her somewhat tempestuous relationship with her mother, Angela.

    The writers of this show did a superb job at making each episode fresh and exciting. The stellar array of guest stars, including Hugh Jackman, Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving, Andy Anderson, Deborah-Lee Furness, Frances O' Connor, Emily Browning, Essie Davis, Peter O' Brien, Andrew McFarlane, Robin Nevin and Jacqueline McKenzie, all of whom delivered superb performances, as did many others, made this show a joy to watch.
  • A great Australian series!

    Jane Halifax and the cases she worked on got me interested in the Police Force and inspired me to become a police officer/ detective when I was younger. (I never went through with it)

    Rebecca Gibney is one of my favorite Australian Actresses and I love watching anything she does. The role of Jane Halifax suited Rebecca well and she portrayed the role perfect.

    The cases were so intense and I loved watching every one of them. The twists and turns through out an episode kept you guessing all the way.

    Some other great Australian actors made guest appearences which made the show even better.
  • one of the greatest shows i have seen

    i think it is the best show i have seen rebecca is a great actress i have always thought so i have the first two seasons on dvd can any one please tell me were i can get the rest i would be so gratefull or atleast tell me when i will be able to buy them
  • One of the best shows out of Australia-We in the USA miss out on a lot of great programming simply because we do not get these shows the way every other country imports our tv programming-what a loss on our part!

    Since my field is psychology I do find this very intriguing. I don\'t know how it would hold up in the USA as I don\'t think that we have psychology majors as the primary investigator in major crimes. The Australian scenery and culture makes this show a great way to learn about other English speaking locations in the world-No folks, the USA isn\'t the only one out there!