Halifax FP - Season 1

The Nine Network (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Lies of the Mind
    Lies of the Mind
    Episode 6
    Jane is called on to assess wealthy socialite, Sharon Sinclair, charged with the murder of her father, Sir Edward and her step-mother. Sharon claims she is suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder, but Jane discovers that Sharon's own psychiatrist is writing a book on the condition and may be biased. If found medically unfit to stand trial, Sharon stands to inherit eighty million dollars. Jane's attraction to Detective Paul Santos develops into a passionate involvement, but as a result of this distraction, she misses a vital clue. Blaming herself, she ends the relationship with Paul.During her investigation, Jane discovers that there is more to Sharon Sinclair and her family than meets the eye.moreless
  • Hardcorps
    Episode 5
    Two cops, one young and idealistic, the other tough and cynical, are party to the shooting of a criminal. Called to assist the police in their internal investigations, Jane Halifax discovers all is not as it seems. Delving into the murky underworld of organised crime, bribes and corruption, Jane races against time to save innocent lives.moreless
  • My Lovely Girl
    My Lovely Girl
    Episode 4
    Jane finds her misquoted criticism of a colleague's release of a mental patient, who murders again, leads to a patient of her own, Peter Donaldson, facing the pressure of exposure to an unforgiving public.
    In an attempt to help him come to terms with the situation, Jane discovers someone who bears a grudge and is dangerously close to driving Peter over the edge.moreless
  • The Feeding
    The Feeding
    Episode 3
    Rogue cop, Jonah Cole, from Sydney comes to town on the hunt for the 'Make-up Killer.' This is a high profile case where the police are under pressure from politicans and the media to get a result. Calling on Jane Halifax to provide a profile of the serial killer, Jane and Jonah initially lock horns in their attempt to catch the culprit. With his acute sense of smell, Jonah recognises a familiar scent that links all the victims. Abrasive and eccentric in his approach, Jonah's obsession to find the killer wins him no friends, but Jane proves to be equally skilled as his work-mate in this deadly and dangerous pursuit.moreless
  • Words Without Music
    While assessing a convicted murderer for the Parole Board, Jane is asked to provide Grief Counselling at an exclusive boys' school where a teacher has suddenly died. When a pupil she is counselling is murdered, Jane works with local detective, Kaz, to uncover a secret society within the school controlled by a dangerous psychopath. As Jane gets closer to the murderer, her own life is in danger, as she unravels a web of deceit, conspiracy and murder.moreless
  • Acts of Betrayal
    Acts of Betrayal
    Episode 1
    Jane Halifax, forensic psychiatrist, facing a gruelling cross-examination at a murder trial, is contacted by ex-boyfriend, Owen Tozer, ( Andrew McFarlane ), also a psychiatrist. He has been having an affair with a patient, Cori Neal ( Sophie Lee ) and seeks Jane's assistance. Owen's own mental state takes a downward spiral when a pregnant Cori is murdered in a hit-and-run accident. To make matters worse, the car involved belongs to Owen. With the police hunting Owen as their prime suspect, Jane is torn between working within the law and helping her ex.moreless